無綫救災騷感動163萬觀眾【15:57】2008年05月19日 【on.cc專訊】 無綫公布上周收視,周五大結局的《原來愛上賊》平均33點,上升1點,最高收視38點,觀眾人數逾239萬。至於周六的《眾志成城抗震救災》平均收22點,最高26點,觀眾人數達163萬。/ WenWeiPo / AppleDaily / Headline
TVB released the ratings report for last week, the final week of “Catch Me Now” averaged at 33 points, up 1 point from previous week, and scored 38 points as the highest or approximately 2.4 million viewers. Saturday’s Sichuan Earthquake Fundraising Show made 22 points average, peaked at 26 points, touched the hearts of about 1.63 million viewers.

[TaKungPao]在無線劇集《原來愛上賊》中飾演「長腳蟹」的呂慧儀及演「姣佬」的李天翔,昨日到商台接受訪問。談及此劇將在本星期結局,之前陳玉蓮曾表示會在此劇播完前返港宣傳,但現在都失去蹤影。呂慧儀表示陳玉蓮是好靚,又Keep得很好,十分慈祥,對他們這些新人亦好關心。她都希望可以再見到對方,平時大家間中亦有電話聯絡的。/ Headline
“Catch Me Now” will wrap up today with a bittersweet ending [the other ending will be available online here]. Yesterday Koni Lui and Eric Li Tin-Cheung (“pretty boy” car racer) accepted interview at CRHK radio, Koni revealed that currently they aren’t sure whereabouts Idy Chan since she indicated last time that she’ll try to be back in HK for the finale. Koni praised that Idy is not only pretty but very gentle, keeping herself good, and treating us new people with great care. Koni hopes to see Idy again, however, they do keep in touch by phone. [Koni asked fans to participate in the game of guessing on the fate of brother Jack at her blog]
[flv:http://vdo.tvb.com/g/20080516/20080516111556909-0515.flv 500 300]

[Maybe TVB will have another function for “Catch”, c’mon Miss Chan, where are you? You’ve been missing the entire broadcast of the show, for the sake of your fans, it’s time for you to show up at least one time before you go into a 16-year hiatus again. Haha! It’s been fun for me on following up the series last 4 weeks, but perhaps there’ll be not much to update at this blog now that “Catch” finished, unless something big happens and I’m sure y’all know what I mean.]

2008.05.14 Catch Me Now goofs and errors

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!Spoiler Alert!
[AppleDaily] 電 視 鑑 證 科 : 《 原 來 愛 上 賊 》 暖 壺 識 變 色

有 港 版 《 盜 海 豪 情 》 之 稱 的 無 劇 集 《 原 來 愛 上 賊 》 , 大 玩 高 科 技 兵 賊 鬥 法 , 題 材 尚 算 新 穎 。 不 過 日 前 凌 零 發 卻 接 獲 讀 者 投 訴 , 指 該 劇 屢 出 現 穿 崩 鏡 頭 , 完 全 影 響 觀 賞 意 欲 。
在 上 周 二 ( 6 日 ) 播 出 的 《 原 》 劇 中 , 陳 玉 蓮 向 姚 樂 怡 借 了 一 個 黃 色 蓋 子 的 保 暖 瓶 盛 載 中 藥 , 當 她 給 陳 法 拉 飲 用 時 , 保 暖 瓶 蓋 子 卻 變 了 灰 藍 色 。 另 外 在 上 周 四 ( 8 日 ) 播 出 的 一 集 中 , 李 成 昌 在 酒 吧 內 跟 女 兒 陳 自 瑤 爭 執 , 當 時 他 戴 米 色 cap 帽 , 誰 知 追 出 門 外 卻 變 成 了 藍 色 , 明 顯 是 不 連 戲 的 穿 崩 鏡 頭 。
Even though “Catch Me Now” is nicely done with twisting plots, but the audience are able to spot many goofs and errors. On May 6th episode [12] Idy Chan [played Yung Yung] borrowed from Sherming Yiu [played Pinky] the thermos for Chinese medicine, later she gave to Fala Chen [played Minnie] to drink, it became a different one. May 8th episode [14], Lee Sing Cheong [played old Cheng Sir] was wearing khaki cap and caught daughter Yoyo Chen [played Yan-yan] in the bar, but when they confronted each other at the street alley, he wore the blue cap.

[Hm… I’ve noticed the media pick on Idy and criticize her a lot lately, and many young viewers out there aren’t familiar with her voice and they “hate” her. How vain of them.

Anyways, I noted the thermos goof too, but I also found goofs that have to do with technology, such as (1) Johnson Lee (BT) came to Sharon Chan (Kong Kiu) office to borrow a program or something, and she gave him a floppy disk. You can’t even store anything on a floppy now, even a photo takes twice the size the floppy’s space, and who uses floppies these days? (2) When Koni Lui (Cheung Long-leg crab) was watching if Idy’s going to report the police on Damian, she didn’t wear a bluetooth earpiece nor a handfree nor hold a phone , how the heck she communicated with BT or Jack? (3) While they’re in the van on the way to rob the diamond necklace, BT’s laptop was showing a simple music CD player program, which supposed to be a sophisticated tool for voice alterating.

Of course, there’s no way to have a film production goof-free of errors and bloopers, even with big budget Hollywood flix, people can still find goofs. And of course every TVB work was done in a very short time frame, and “Catch” was finished in merely less than 6 months. Shooting started around October 2007, wrapped up around late December 2007, and finally aired just less than 4 weeks ago. Besides those mentioned above, many scenes are cut differently from promo clips & actual ones. Since Jack wears sunglasses so often, and it’d be fun if I can find the camera crew or someone not in the series mirroring via the specs.]

2008年05月13日 【16:48】 【on.cc 專訊】 無綫上周黃金時段收視未有升跌,三線劇之中,仍以《原來愛上賊》成績最佳,平均收視32點,而《銀樓金粉》亦繼續收29點,至於《同事三分親》則維持27 點不變。周六大型慈善節目《星光熠熠耀保良》收17點,周日的《鐵甲無敵獎門人》收27點,較上周下跌2點。
No changes in TVB’s last week ratings for its prime time shows, “Catch Me Now” remained 32 points as the best results, “The Silver Chamber of Sorrows” continued at 29 points, no change for “Best Selling Secrets” at 27 points. Saturday night’s grand charity show “Po Leung Kuk Gala Spectacular” made 17 points. Sunday night’s “Super Trio Supreme” fell 2 points from last week to 27 points.

Kong Sir (Joe Ma 馬德鐘) reminded the audience to tune in for the excitement of Catch Me Now’s finale at his blog.

Watch videos on the fate of Jack Ko (Damian Lau 劉松仁): producer Chong Wai Kin 莊偉建, and Chiu Kwan Ho (Mak Cheung Ching 麥長青), Kong Sir, and BT (Johnson Lee 李思捷).

Again, the poll taken straight from TVB.com. The ending of Catch Me Now, do you want Jack to be killed? 原來愛上賊結局篇中,你想不想高哲被殺?
Yes 想No 不想

[This poll is stupid, but TVB could have forbidden anyone from giving out any hints on the finale. And now they’re conducting the poll, just hope that they don’t change the original ending based on the results.]

Sources: TungStar / MingPaoWeekly / TaKungPao* / Metro / WenWeiPo* / Oriental* / TheSun / SingPao* / Headline
AppleDaily: 呂 慧 儀 、 陳 茵 媺 、 馬 德 鐘 、 李 思 捷 、 麥 長 青 及 艾 威 等 , 昨 日 於 將 軍 澳 為 無 劇 集 《 原 來 愛 上 賊 》 之 終 結 篇 進 行 宣 傳 , 無 特 意 安 排 六 位 藝 員 負 責 出 錢 , 宴 請 一 眾 幕 後 工 作 人 員 , 雖 然 男 女 主 角 劉 松 仁 及 陳 玉 蓮 未 有 出 席 , 但 兩 人 有 心 思 地 , 分 別 送 出 榨 汁 機 及 iPod 作 抽 獎 禮 物 。

Another promotional function for “Catch Me Now”, of course the leading man & lady Damian Lau & Idy Chan are still missing. Although they haven’t attended any these functions [Damian did attend the very first one], but it doesn’t affect the series’ ratings. Last week’s ratings peaked at 36 points *, averaged 32 points. The cast members attended this time are Joe Ma, Johnson Lee, Koni Lui, Aimee Chan, Mak Cheung Ching, Wilson Tsui, etc. To celebrate the good rating, the several cast members pitched in their own money to treat everyone a meal. Joe is very happy with the ratings, and said if the ratings continue to rise, he not only treats everyone the celebratory meal, but also giving out gifts. Asked on both Damian & Idy have been absent at these events, Joe expressed “They’re very busy, but every time we have a function, they always check in with us via phones. Just yesterday they sent out a blender and an iPod as gift prizes, it’s very thoughtful of them.” [Also see translation @batgwa]

[Damian & Idy really show that they’re veterans, who seem don’t have the need for publicity anymore. Even though, they’re the leading pair, but it’s very humble and admirable of them for giving credits to the whole team. Back to “Catch”, I have always suspected the character Pinky and the way she treats boss Jack. I was right the whole time, or at least up to episode 14 which becomes more clear about her. So I want to borrow BT’s expression in episode 13 to show mine on this at clip below, haha!]

[QQ.com] With the rumors of “Catch” will be concluded with Damian Lau’s character to be dead, alive, or become a vegetable, is it similar to the 2 endings of “D.I.E” and it’s part of the promotion now for TVB with series with N results? And that the viewers have a choice to determine if the leading man’s live or die? This causes confusion among many fans.

On the rumors of 3 possible endings for “Catch”, producer Chong Wai Kin expressed “We actually had several conclusions for “Catch”, that is either life or death for Damian’s character. However, it’s not inspired by “D.I.E”, it’s just the disagreement between the creator and the cast how the story ends. We actually have 1 ending now, and can’t do both endings. I favor the ending that Damian die, but of course the audience want ‘happy ending’, however this also depends on how long the story is”. Chong also disclosed that TVB plan to conduct the poll to let the audience determine on the ending.

Idy Chan’s playing housewife to relate to the audience

Another focus of the series is on Idy who doesn’t appear with beautiful Little Dragon Girl images like in the old days, making the play a bit dramatic. In response on this, producer Chong said “Actually, we planned to create her with the softer image from the beginning with long hair, however, at episode 4, you discovered that she started to have a shorter hairdo, and that modernizes her image a bit. Then at episode 13 [!spoiler alert!] and 14, you will discover she’s becoming ‘sharp’ a bit more. She is a stubborn, yet very genuine, and not calculated housewife, and with this she’d fear that someone will want to murder ‘The master mind’ Damian. Therefore, we cannot have Idy with a very ‘sharp’ image, instead of an ordinary common housewife. I hope this would relate to the audience and allow them to connect to their own dreams.”

The fans also criticize that Idy’s fat and her hoarse voice, Chong defends “It’s true that she was a tiny bit fat, also she got throat inflammation during the shooting, but she persisted to go forward with it, and for sentimental dialogues in filming there’s no need to use original sounds. Chong greatly approves Idy’s professional spirit “She doesn’t mind about her own image, she just wanted to complete the role. She herself is a very quick alert person, but willing to play a silly housewife. In fact, she does maintain her ‘Little Dragon Girl’ image with her charisma and undauntable personal. She already sacrificed her image for taking up this role. There’s a lot of beautiful fat girls in HK, don’t criticize her, she’s just being herself”.

[Sure, Idy doesn’t look like those 20 something actresses out there with long legs and slimming bodies, but saying that she’s fat? Whatever. I guess some don’t know that cameras add pounds to people. I’m now confused after reading this article on the ending, looks like it’s a sad one. Who cares, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the series, since this could be Idy’s last TV work.]

Yung ignored Jack!

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[This clip tells all. Jack has been a good sport up to now, which is episode 12, and this shows Yung is truely a c-lai. But good thing that she’s not a busybody like BT, haha, I like this guy. Pinky is just a nice girl, who doesn’t have annoying voice like the other ones in the series. I love this foursome whenever they’re in the same scene. Damian is so good with making all the facial expressions.

According to the preview, next episode 13, will tell the results of the poll, i think. Anyway, I’ll try not to give away any spoilers since I know many of you are waiting for it to be out in Vietnamese and whatever else other languages. While many of you may want to see Idy in the costume ancient series, but I’m so glad that she decided to be part of this series, and thanks to Mr. Lau (yes, Damian not Andy) for talking her into taking this role. The soundtrack of the series are nicely done, no vocals by any pop singers, which is totally cool about this series. Tabloids compared “Catch” as the HK version of “Ocean’s 11” series but the soundtrack surely imitate from “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, which also the English name of Jack Ko’s restaurant. TVB has done something very right this time by combining both “Ocean’s” & “Pirates” themes, and other Hollywood flicks like “The Italian Job” into “Catch”. Compared to the 1992 “The Key Man 巨人”, which is so hard for me to re-watch, I like “Catch” much better, and I believe “Key” was one of top ten series with record ratings in the 1990s of about 41 points. I’m so glad to see “Gugu” again after 16 years, but looks like she’s disappearing after this time… again, haha! Ok, enough of my blah thoughts.]

Sources: MingPaoWeekly / TVB / Marketing-Interactive / Headline*
Last week’s TV ratings report is out, and coverage on the Olympics Torch Relay is the focal point. Rivals TVB & aTV both received OK ratings since many residents turned out to watch on the streets. TVB disrupted the torch relay of Eason Chan 陳奕迅 with commercials and caused dissatisfaction among viewers.

For prime time shows, first week telecast of “The Silver Chamber of Sorrows 銀樓金粉” averaged at 29 points, down 3 points from last week’s series with the same time slot, of about 1.8 million viewers. Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” with Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 as the strong fighter, gained 1 point at 32 points average of over 2 million viewers and was at the highest of 34 points*. Sunday night’s Japanese drama “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ikemen Paradise 花樣少年少女” dropped 8 points to 15 points average. aTV’s “Flaming Butterfly” made only 4 points, down 1 from last week.

[I know idolizing artists is the big culture in HK, but it’s just totally weird that many singers were chosen to be the bearers of the sacred flame when it reached HK last week. Anyhow, enjoy this funny and silly clip of Idy in episode 11, Damian 劉松仁 is so right, Idy did so well on portraying the clumsy housewife. Idy sure has clear and smooth skin at her age and with “Catch” is aired in HD format, I can’t even spot anything from her face. I need facial skin transplant from babies’ smooth butts haha!]

TVB Weekly #567: The game of thieves & police

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