For years or ever since I started this website, I’ve been relied on different fans who can read Chinese to help me with English translation on numbers of news articles, while the majority has been translated by myself. With my persistence on keeping up with Idy Chan’s news, I’ll try the best to keep the site running smoothly and as long as I can maintain it.

However, due to our busy lives, leisure seems less and less for all of us, so I’d really appreciate if I can get some help from any of the fans out there who can read Chinese and know enough English. And if you’re a regular visitor, or fan of this site or Miss Chan, I’m sure you’re well aware of how infrequently we get news about her; therefore, the job won’t take too much of your time. The reason I’m asking for help because it takes me much longer to translate any articles, even for short ones, due to my limited, self-taught Chinese.

So if you think you can sacrifice a little of your time, know both Chinese and English, and most importantly would like to help (for free), please email your English translation for any of not yet translated news or corrections on already translated ones.

Thanks for your continued support!