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AppleDaily: 呂 慧 儀 、 陳 茵 媺 、 馬 德 鐘 、 李 思 捷 、 麥 長 青 及 艾 威 等 , 昨 日 於 將 軍 澳 為 無 劇 集 《 原 來 愛 上 賊 》 之 終 結 篇 進 行 宣 傳 , 無 特 意 安 排 六 位 藝 員 負 責 出 錢 , 宴 請 一 眾 幕 後 工 作 人 員 , 雖 然 男 女 主 角 劉 松 仁 及 陳 玉 蓮 未 有 出 席 , 但 兩 人 有 心 思 地 , 分 別 送 出 榨 汁 機 及 iPod 作 抽 獎 禮 物 。

Another promotional function for “Catch Me Now”, of course the leading man & lady Damian Lau & Idy Chan are still missing. Although they haven’t attended any these functions [Damian did attend the very first one], but it doesn’t affect the series’ ratings. Last week’s ratings peaked at 36 points *, averaged 32 points. The cast members attended this time are Joe Ma, Johnson Lee, Koni Lui, Aimee Chan, Mak Cheung Ching, Wilson Tsui, etc. To celebrate the good rating, the several cast members pitched in their own money to treat everyone a meal. Joe is very happy with the ratings, and said if the ratings continue to rise, he not only treats everyone the celebratory meal, but also giving out gifts. Asked on both Damian & Idy have been absent at these events, Joe expressed “They’re very busy, but every time we have a function, they always check in with us via phones. Just yesterday they sent out a blender and an iPod as gift prizes, it’s very thoughtful of them.” [Also see translation @batgwa]

[Damian & Idy really show that they’re veterans, who seem don’t have the need for publicity anymore. Even though, they’re the leading pair, but it’s very humble and admirable of them for giving credits to the whole team. Back to “Catch”, I have always suspected the character Pinky and the way she treats boss Jack. I was right the whole time, or at least up to episode 14 which becomes more clear about her. So I want to borrow BT’s expression in episode 13 to show mine on this at clip below, haha!]

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    May 9th, 2008 at 12:24 AM

    hey, stop giving out spoilers!!!

    actually, i really think Idy should appear at at least one promotion event. she doesnt need popularity, but it might enhance the audience’s support for the series or her role. plus, i believe TVB would like the casts to attend promotion events.