[QQ.com] With the rumors of “Catch” will be concluded with Damian Lau’s character to be dead, alive, or become a vegetable, is it similar to the 2 endings of “D.I.E” and it’s part of the promotion now for TVB with series with N results? And that the viewers have a choice to determine if the leading man’s live or die? This causes confusion among many fans.

On the rumors of 3 possible endings for “Catch”, producer Chong Wai Kin expressed “We actually had several conclusions for “Catch”, that is either life or death for Damian’s character. However, it’s not inspired by “D.I.E”, it’s just the disagreement between the creator and the cast how the story ends. We actually have 1 ending now, and can’t do both endings. I favor the ending that Damian die, but of course the audience want ‘happy ending’, however this also depends on how long the story is”. Chong also disclosed that TVB plan to conduct the poll to let the audience determine on the ending.

Idy Chan’s playing housewife to relate to the audience

Another focus of the series is on Idy who doesn’t appear with beautiful Little Dragon Girl images like in the old days, making the play a bit dramatic. In response on this, producer Chong said “Actually, we planned to create her with the softer image from the beginning with long hair, however, at episode 4, you discovered that she started to have a shorter hairdo, and that modernizes her image a bit. Then at episode 13 [!spoiler alert!] and 14, you will discover she’s becoming ‘sharp’ a bit more. She is a stubborn, yet very genuine, and not calculated housewife, and with this she’d fear that someone will want to murder ‘The master mind’ Damian. Therefore, we cannot have Idy with a very ‘sharp’ image, instead of an ordinary common housewife. I hope this would relate to the audience and allow them to connect to their own dreams.”

The fans also criticize that Idy’s fat and her hoarse voice, Chong defends “It’s true that she was a tiny bit fat, also she got throat inflammation during the shooting, but she persisted to go forward with it, and for sentimental dialogues in filming there’s no need to use original sounds. Chong greatly approves Idy’s professional spirit “She doesn’t mind about her own image, she just wanted to complete the role. She herself is a very quick alert person, but willing to play a silly housewife. In fact, she does maintain her ‘Little Dragon Girl’ image with her charisma and undauntable personal. She already sacrificed her image for taking up this role. There’s a lot of beautiful fat girls in HK, don’t criticize her, she’s just being herself”.

[Sure, Idy doesn’t look like those 20 something actresses out there with long legs and slimming bodies, but saying that she’s fat? Whatever. I guess some don’t know that cameras add pounds to people. I’m now confused after reading this article on the ending, looks like it’s a sad one. Who cares, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the series, since this could be Idy’s last TV work.]


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    May 8th, 2008 at 11:24 AM

    now i really understand Idy’s response about not wanting to be referred to as Little Dragon Girl all the time. people really should stop thinking that Idy and LDG are one person. it’s not her obligation to maintain that image all her life. i havent watched the series but saw the clips. i thought she really looks fine, except for her hair. there’s nothing wrong with it but it makes her face look even rounder.

    usually people are nostalgic & i’m one of them, half of the time ^__^ however, we also need to live in the present and accept that things changes and people do age. ask those people to share their pictures 20 years ago, see how well they’ve maintained.

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    May 9th, 2008 at 2:53 AM

    The audiences must be blinded to accuse Idy ‘fat’. Due to her age, she lơ0ks more than ‘perfect’ for me. Off course, I still adjust to her ‘silly’ housewife role 🙂 and her voice was little deep, but so what, everyone has their own style. I am glad she keep her play. I also wish she should be relax a little bit about the romane. Damian and Idy were tense around each other a bit. If Idy let him hold her hand, it would be perfect couple and series.