Will Yung leave Jack?

May 2, 2008 at 9:23 Comment Comments Off on Will Yung leave Jack?
catch me now  

Please take the poll, taken straight from TVB.com, the question is Yung (Idy Chan) finds out Jack’s (Damian Lau) true identity 蓉(陳玉蓮飾)赫然發現哲(劉松仁飾)的身份…你認為她應該忠於自己的愛情,或服從社會道德標準而遠離哲? The choices are, also very self-explanatory from the photos:
忠於愛情,與哲一起1. Stay with him for her own love 忠於愛情,與哲一起
服從社會道德標準,遠離哲2. Leave him because of her righteous moral 服從社會道德標準,遠離哲

[Since I embedded the poll straight from TVB website, so not sure how long TVB has this poll running. IF you see some other weird photos or not related to Catch Me Now shown up, THEN ignore the poll. Okay?]