2008.05.14 Catch Me Now goofs and errors

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!Spoiler Alert!
[AppleDaily] 電 視 鑑 證 科 : 《 原 來 愛 上 賊 》 暖 壺 識 變 色

有 港 版 《 盜 海 豪 情 》 之 稱 的 無 劇 集 《 原 來 愛 上 賊 》 , 大 玩 高 科 技 兵 賊 鬥 法 , 題 材 尚 算 新 穎 。 不 過 日 前 凌 零 發 卻 接 獲 讀 者 投 訴 , 指 該 劇 屢 出 現 穿 崩 鏡 頭 , 完 全 影 響 觀 賞 意 欲 。
在 上 周 二 ( 6 日 ) 播 出 的 《 原 》 劇 中 , 陳 玉 蓮 向 姚 樂 怡 借 了 一 個 黃 色 蓋 子 的 保 暖 瓶 盛 載 中 藥 , 當 她 給 陳 法 拉 飲 用 時 , 保 暖 瓶 蓋 子 卻 變 了 灰 藍 色 。 另 外 在 上 周 四 ( 8 日 ) 播 出 的 一 集 中 , 李 成 昌 在 酒 吧 內 跟 女 兒 陳 自 瑤 爭 執 , 當 時 他 戴 米 色 cap 帽 , 誰 知 追 出 門 外 卻 變 成 了 藍 色 , 明 顯 是 不 連 戲 的 穿 崩 鏡 頭 。
Even though “Catch Me Now” is nicely done with twisting plots, but the audience are able to spot many goofs and errors. On May 6th episode [12] Idy Chan [played Yung Yung] borrowed from Sherming Yiu [played Pinky] the thermos for Chinese medicine, later she gave to Fala Chen [played Minnie] to drink, it became a different one. May 8th episode [14], Lee Sing Cheong [played old Cheng Sir] was wearing khaki cap and caught daughter Yoyo Chen [played Yan-yan] in the bar, but when they confronted each other at the street alley, he wore the blue cap.

[Hm… I’ve noticed the media pick on Idy and criticize her a lot lately, and many young viewers out there aren’t familiar with her voice and they “hate” her. How vain of them.

Anyways, I noted the thermos goof too, but I also found goofs that have to do with technology, such as (1) Johnson Lee (BT) came to Sharon Chan (Kong Kiu) office to borrow a program or something, and she gave him a floppy disk. You can’t even store anything on a floppy now, even a photo takes twice the size the floppy’s space, and who uses floppies these days? (2) When Koni Lui (Cheung Long-leg crab) was watching if Idy’s going to report the police on Damian, she didn’t wear a bluetooth earpiece nor a handfree nor hold a phone , how the heck she communicated with BT or Jack? (3) While they’re in the van on the way to rob the diamond necklace, BT’s laptop was showing a simple music CD player program, which supposed to be a sophisticated tool for voice alterating.

Of course, there’s no way to have a film production goof-free of errors and bloopers, even with big budget Hollywood flix, people can still find goofs. And of course every TVB work was done in a very short time frame, and “Catch” was finished in merely less than 6 months. Shooting started around October 2007, wrapped up around late December 2007, and finally aired just less than 4 weeks ago. Besides those mentioned above, many scenes are cut differently from promo clips & actual ones. Since Jack wears sunglasses so often, and it’d be fun if I can find the camera crew or someone not in the series mirroring via the specs.]

2008年05月13日 【16:48】 【on.cc 專訊】 無綫上周黃金時段收視未有升跌,三線劇之中,仍以《原來愛上賊》成績最佳,平均收視32點,而《銀樓金粉》亦繼續收29點,至於《同事三分親》則維持27 點不變。周六大型慈善節目《星光熠熠耀保良》收17點,周日的《鐵甲無敵獎門人》收27點,較上周下跌2點。
No changes in TVB’s last week ratings for its prime time shows, “Catch Me Now” remained 32 points as the best results, “The Silver Chamber of Sorrows” continued at 29 points, no change for “Best Selling Secrets” at 27 points. Saturday night’s grand charity show “Po Leung Kuk Gala Spectacular” made 17 points. Sunday night’s “Super Trio Supreme” fell 2 points from last week to 27 points.

Kong Sir (Joe Ma 馬德鐘) reminded the audience to tune in for the excitement of Catch Me Now’s finale at his blog.

Watch videos on the fate of Jack Ko (Damian Lau 劉松仁): producer Chong Wai Kin 莊偉建, and Chiu Kwan Ho (Mak Cheung Ching 麥長青), Kong Sir, and BT (Johnson Lee 李思捷).