[AppleDaily] Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊 , the HK version of “Ocean’s Eleven” 港版盜海豪情, marks the comeback of Idy Chan 陳玉蓮, along with veteran Damian Lau 劉松仁, Johnson Lee 李思捷 [BT – hacker], Eric Li Tin-Cheung 李天翔 [pretty boy – car racer] and detective Joe Ma 馬德鐘, the show finished first week with great response. Of course, Idy is the focal point of the discussion. Many netizens have high expectation from Idy, criticizing her stiff acting with hoarse voice, looking old and playing pitiful role. Yet they highly praise the rookies “Long-leg crab” [shooter] Koni Lui 呂慧儀 and Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 [CID Nana]. There’s fans who are happy to see Idy on screen again, however, the majority disapprove of her performance that doesn’t meet up their expectation of the forever beautiful Little Dragon Girl 小龍女.

[Whatever! From what I’ve seen on the net, I can say that the majority of the viewers are very young and they haven’t seen any of Idy’s work, not even ROCH1983. Can’t blame them. Sure, I do agree that there’s a few scenes Idy didn’t do well at all, but I think it’s still too early to make a conclusion as the series is still in progress. On her voice, I don’t think it’s that bad at all, I was only able to spot 1 or 2 scenes that they used her dubbed voice, but other than that, it’s just the way she sounds. It’s all about the characters here, she’s playing a naive “si-lai” housewife who finds goodness in everyone. You just can’t fault her for the character she portrays. It’s just hard for me to be objective on the negatives about Idy. Anyways, back to “Catch”, it’s funny on how BT refers Yung-Yung as “Gugu” and at the end of episode 6, he’s asking if Jack’s falling for “Gugu”. Haha and cute!]

Face Weekly #49 – Little Dragon Girl is vanishing: This article again criticized Idy on her comeback series “Catch…” Idy played housewife Bao Yung-Yung born in 1968, though she sounds like an old granny and shows forceful signs for playing a 40-year-old. In real life, Idy’s born in 1960, and at 48, losing shape is unavoidable. While 47-year-old “Yeung Gor 楊過” Andy Lau 劉德華 is only a year younger, but keeping himself well and looks much younger in comparison. Perhaps, Idy should consult with Andy for his secrets of keeping the youth.

[All bs, but I just wanted to cover all the news I found on the net.]

2008.04.29 Idy Chan still draws attraction

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Sources: MingPaoWeekly / Oriental / AppleDaily / Headline / TaKungPao: 陳玉蓮仍具吸引力 – 無線昨日公布上周收視,黃金時段三線劇集只有《金石良緣》報升,因為是結局篇關係,平均收視有 32點,最高35點,約有220萬觀眾收看。至於首周播映的《原來愛上賊》平均收視有31點,最高達32點,就首播劇集而言這成績已算高,可見久休復出的「小龍女」陳玉蓮對觀眾仍有一定吸引力!而《一百萬人的故事》平均收視為23點,最高26點. 圖:陳玉蓮與鄭子誠演對手戲
Yesterday TVB released the rating for last week and three prime time shows were reported. “A Journey Called Life 金石良緣” had 32 points average and at the highest of 35 points, approximately about 2.2 million viewers. First week telecast of “Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” made an average of 31 points, peaking at 32 points or about 1.9 million viewers, which is considered a high score for the first airing. This shows that the comeback of “Little Dragon Girl 小龍女” Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 is still drawing the attraction of the audience. “Poverty Campaign 一百萬人的故事” was only at 23 points and 26 points as the highest.

[I just finished watching episode 6, which started off really well with another great coordination of Jack (Damian Lau 劉松仁) and his team. The caught-off-guard interactions between Jack & Yung-Yung (Idy) were well-done and really fun. I can see a little fire between them by criticizing each other (watch clip below haha!) but also clearing up their misunderstanding. Idy’s getting more comfortable with the camera and that makes me to understand the character Yung-Yung better. I’m loving this series.]

【16:36】2008年04月28日 【on.cc 專訊】 TVB劇集《原來愛上賊》播出一星期,雖然比《古靈精探》下跌五點,但平均收視為卅一點,成績亦算不錯,而《金石良緣》結局篇收視上升兩點,平均收視卅二 點,最高收視卅五點,而新推出之《了解.關懷 一百萬人的故事》平均收視廿三點,至於亞視所謂重頭之作《火蝴蝶》,平均收視只得五點,而周日晚之《鐵甲無 敵獎門人》平均收卅一點,下跌一點。/ Marketing-Interactive

TVB “Catch Me Now” had the average rating of 31 points for its first week broadcast, even though it’s 5 points lower than “D.I.E“, but the results are quite good. The finale of “A Journey Called Life” rose up 2 with the average of 32, and peak of 35 points. The newly promoted programme “Poverty Campaign” received the average of 23 points. ATV’s grand production “Flaming Butterfly” fell short at only 5 points. And Sunday’s night TVB’s Super Trio Supreme made an average of 31 points, dropped 1 point.

[I’m not too familiar with all the TV ratings in HK and even right here in the US, it’s just irrelevant on how I like the shows. Anyways, I’ve been enjoying the first 5 episodes of “Catch…” a lot, esp. the character Jack (Damian Lau 劉松仁) and his team. There’s a few awkward moments on Idy Chan’s 陳玉蓮 acting, so far I haven’t yet understood the character Bao Yung-Yung. I haven’t seen any sparks between Jack and Yung, but I hope it’ll change as I continue to follow up on the series. Kong Sir (Joe Ma 馬德鐘) seems OK to watch with his serious demeanor to capture the thief that killed his mentor and to find a fault in Jack, whose coolness and calmness have been the key that makes the show quite interesting, so far…]

2008.04.25 Another gossip article on Idy in Sudden Weekly #665, just in case you want to read.

2008.04.25 TVB Scoop: Idy Chan enjoys life in Canada

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TVB Scoop: #6 蓮妹加國生活夠寫意

【14:56】2008年04月20日 【on.cc 專訊】 馬德鐘出席主演劇集《原來愛上賊》宣傳活動,對於同劇兩位主角劉松仁、陳玉蓮將不能為劇集做宣傳,馬德鐘說:「係唔係由我『孭羂飛』宣傳?當然唔係啦!套 劇仲有好多演員。(對收視可有信心?)有!對警匪片有信心,加上會緊接《古靈精探》,希望郭晉安會帶挈。」 Sources: MingpaoWeekly / TaKungPao / WenWeiPo / Oriental / AppleDaily

Another promotional function for “Catch Me Now”, however, this time both leading man Damian Lau and leading lady Idy Chan aren’t in HK to attend, leaving the promotional duty on the younger generation of the cast. Joe Ma was asked if he’s feeling pressure, he said “It’s not just me to do the promotion, credits to many other actors as well. (Are you confident with the ratings?) Yes, I have confidence with police theme, plus it’s following right after D.I.E , hope it’s able to compete with Roger Kwok’s.”

2008.04.18 Sudden Weekly #664: Another tabloid article on Idy’s returning to screen and her “Three No’s” rules. AppleDaily: Sharon Chan 陳敏之 praised Idy, who keeps herself very well at her age, and that Idy’s really pretty in person and she would never think that she’s able to work with Idy.

[I guess I never get tired to hearing people praising Idy. Just in case you don’t understand Cantonese, the first video posted in previous entry, both Fala and Joe shared their thoughts on working with Idy. Joe felt nervous because he think Idy’s an idol of many, including himself, that Idy is very nice. Fala expressed that Idy didn’t act like a senior and that Idy was friendly to everyone. And that Idy even shared her stories working with Andy Lau. Damian said even though he wasn’t able to persuade on holding hands, kissing in the series, but Idy is very cute in her own way. Asked on how they two able to express love without these acts, Damian laughed that he used all of his emotions and facial and eye expressions to show. Haha! ]

Sources: TungStar / MingPaoWeekly / TaKungPao / MetroHK / WenWeiPo / Oriental / TheSun / AppleDaily / Headline / SingPao / AM730 / Tom / TungStar TVB Scoop: #2

The cast & crew of “Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” attended the airing function for the series. Damian Lau 劉松仁 revealed that he talked with Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 on the phone 2 days ago and that she’s unable to attend the function. However, earlier Idy did film a short video to show her support. With high ratings for D.I.E 古靈精探, Damian hopes that “Catch…” will have a good reception as well and if that happens, he will ask Idy to give him a kiss to celebrate. Additional translation @ batgwa.

[If I were Idy I would delay whatever she has to do in Canada and be in HK for these events. It’s way more fun and warm in HK now compared to the cold Canada, looks at her winter jacket. But that’s just me. Haha! Anyways, Damian is so funny on wanting a kiss from Idy, he must had convinced Idy really hard in order to have a hug with her in the series. The teaser clips of Idy look sad and dramatic.]

2008.04.16 Damian Lau waits for a kiss from Idy Chan

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on.cc 專訊】 【17:25】2008年04月16日 劉松仁出席劇集《原來愛上賊》的宣傳活動,松哥戴上黑超加帽,有型有款,他打趣地說:「一年只得一日咁有型!」他坦言陳玉蓮不返港,故要獨力撐場:「蓮妹 (陳玉蓮)唔可以一齊宣傳,當然可惜,但有事做,冇辦法。」問到如果收視好有甚麼承諾,他笑說:「叫蓮妹來錫我,因為拍攝時,蓮妹又唔錫得、又唔親熱 得。」


Idy Chan is not in HK for the promotional function for the airing of “Catch Me Now” [Starting Apr 21]. Damian Lau said “Lin Mui can’t be at promotional function, what a pity, because she’s busy, nothing can be done.” On being asked if the series receives good ratings, how would Damian celebrate, he joked “Call Lin Mui to kiss me, because in the film she didn’t allow to kiss and no intimate scenes”

on.cc專訊】 【16:39】2008年04月16日 陳法拉以黑色Tube dress出席劇集宣傳活動,盡顯高貴性感,問她是否女主角陳玉蓮不返港宣傳,所以由她代表蓮妹襯劉松仁,法拉笑說:「希望襯到,因為松哥好有魅力,個個同佢合作都畀佢電親。」


[Indeed, what a pity that Idy isn’t in HK for these events, and as I expected. From the preview clips, Damian’s character looks very interesting and fun to watch. I expect Idy’s screen time will be not much, as she stated that Damian and “Mr. Ma” drive the show. Joe’s demeanor is very so serious, I guess because he’s trying to so hard to catch Damian, who seems very witty in whatever he does. Regardless, I’m so looking forward to see this series. Maybe this will turn me back into TVB mode again. It’s been over 3 years that I haven’t watched or rewatched any new and old TVB series. BTW, Catch Me Now’s official site has been launched at http://tvcity.tvb.com/drama/catchmenow/]

Discover5: Makeup artist Carmen Tse, who did the makeup for Idy in the Feb 2008 issue of Elle HK Magazine, praised that Idy is super nice & able to keep herself very good. Click here for Carmen’s blog entry on Idy.

Preview of Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊

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2008.04.14 “Catch Me Now” Thief vs. Housewife
TVB Weekly #564: Page 67 (Credits to joe-ma.com)

Chinese Title: 原來愛上賊
Previous Chinese Title: 盜亦有道
Premiering 21st Apr Mon-Fri, 9.30pm

Robs the rich and gives the poor. He’s more than just a thief
Fights against injustice and crime. He’s more than just a cop

A sum of drug money triggers battle of wits between Kwong Yeung (Ma Tak Chung) and Ko Chi (Lau Chung Yan), a detective and a thief. Yeung gradually discovers the true identity of Chi is a mob chief who uses the restaurant business to cover his illegal activities. Despite all efforts, Yeung lacks sufficient evidence to support allegations against Chi. Nevertheless Yeung keeps a close eye on Chi and believes in the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Yeung’s devotion to his work sours his relationship with his wife Hong Mei-Lei (Chen Fala). Fortunately, Lei is given support and encouragement by her best friend Bao Yung-Yung (Chan Yuk Lin). Chi is deeply attracted to Yung’s kind-hearted personality. He even risks exposing his secret identity to save her life. There is a choice between love and ideal…

Producer: Chong Wai Kin
Scriptwriter: Lau Choi Wan & Law Chung Yiu
Starring: Lau Chung Yan (劉松仁) Ma Tak Chung (馬德鐘) Chan Yuk Lin (陳玉蓮) Chen Fala (陳法拉) Lee Sze Chit (李思捷) Mak Cheung Ching (麥長青) Li Ka Sing (李家聲) Chan Man Chee (陳敏之)

Credits to Astro On Demand

HK-Image Cast & Scenes

2008.04.02 Updates…

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HAHA! The news on Michael and Idy are to work in the new series is so phony and totally false. I didn’t realize that I was able to pull some people’s legs on this April Fools joke, I hope you’re not too disappointed nor cyber-mad at me for making up this “wish-foolish” news. However, the news source is very real and parts of the translated news are total true. It’s an opinion article on the returns of many artists in the 80s and 90s and they are very competitive with the current generation of artists. Fake content has been crossed out. I hope you didn’t really get too excited. Ha!

“Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” is a TVB series and to be aired on TVB channel M-F for 4 weeks from April 21 – May 26. Keep checking TVB.com from now on, I’m sure TVB will have an official page for the series with cast profiles, plot summaries, episode preview trailers, and other goodies.

According to this blog entry, Idy went to the premiere of Ann Hui’s 許鞍華 “The Way We Are 天水圍的日輿夜”. No Idy’s photos found on this, but Hui did thank Idy and another veteran actor for their cameo roles [WeiWenPo / AppleDaily]. I hope she’ll be still in HK for TVB functions (if there’s any) on the airing of “Catch Me Now”.

Just cross my mind that when Idy played “Deal or No Deal” she picked the case #25 and the girl who held that #25 case on that day named Ivy Ng 伍濼文. See the coincidence or similarity? Quite interesting [Video segment from 6:05 to 6:20]