Sources: MingPaoWeekly / Oriental / AppleDaily / Headline / TaKungPao: 陳玉蓮仍具吸引力 – 無線昨日公布上周收視,黃金時段三線劇集只有《金石良緣》報升,因為是結局篇關係,平均收視有 32點,最高35點,約有220萬觀眾收看。至於首周播映的《原來愛上賊》平均收視有31點,最高達32點,就首播劇集而言這成績已算高,可見久休復出的「小龍女」陳玉蓮對觀眾仍有一定吸引力!而《一百萬人的故事》平均收視為23點,最高26點. 圖:陳玉蓮與鄭子誠演對手戲
Yesterday TVB released the rating for last week and three prime time shows were reported. “A Journey Called Life 金石良緣” had 32 points average and at the highest of 35 points, approximately about 2.2 million viewers. First week telecast of “Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” made an average of 31 points, peaking at 32 points or about 1.9 million viewers, which is considered a high score for the first airing. This shows that the comeback of “Little Dragon Girl 小龍女” Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 is still drawing the attraction of the audience. “Poverty Campaign 一百萬人的故事” was only at 23 points and 26 points as the highest.

[I just finished watching episode 6, which started off really well with another great coordination of Jack (Damian Lau 劉松仁) and his team. The caught-off-guard interactions between Jack & Yung-Yung (Idy) were well-done and really fun. I can see a little fire between them by criticizing each other (watch clip below haha!) but also clearing up their misunderstanding. Idy’s getting more comfortable with the camera and that makes me to understand the character Yung-Yung better. I’m loving this series.]