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Last week’s TV ratings report is out, and coverage on the Olympics Torch Relay is the focal point. Rivals TVB & aTV both received OK ratings since many residents turned out to watch on the streets. TVB disrupted the torch relay of Eason Chan 陳奕迅 with commercials and caused dissatisfaction among viewers.

For prime time shows, first week telecast of “The Silver Chamber of Sorrows 銀樓金粉” averaged at 29 points, down 3 points from last week’s series with the same time slot, of about 1.8 million viewers. Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” with Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 as the strong fighter, gained 1 point at 32 points average of over 2 million viewers and was at the highest of 34 points*. Sunday night’s Japanese drama “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ikemen Paradise 花樣少年少女” dropped 8 points to 15 points average. aTV’s “Flaming Butterfly” made only 4 points, down 1 from last week.

[I know idolizing artists is the big culture in HK, but it’s just totally weird that many singers were chosen to be the bearers of the sacred flame when it reached HK last week. Anyhow, enjoy this funny and silly clip of Idy in episode 11, Damian 劉松仁 is so right, Idy did so well on portraying the clumsy housewife. Idy sure has clear and smooth skin at her age and with “Catch” is aired in HD format, I can’t even spot anything from her face. I need facial skin transplant from babies’ smooth butts haha!]

TVB Weekly #567: The game of thieves & police

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