Yung ignored Jack!

May 6, 2008 at 16:41

[This clip tells all. Jack has been a good sport up to now, which is episode 12, and this shows Yung is truely a c-lai. But good thing that she’s not a busybody like BT, haha, I like this guy. Pinky is just a nice girl, who doesn’t have annoying voice like the other ones in the series. I love this foursome whenever they’re in the same scene. Damian is so good with making all the facial expressions.

According to the preview, next episode 13, will tell the results of the poll, i think. Anyway, I’ll try not to give away any spoilers since I know many of you are waiting for it to be out in Vietnamese and whatever else other languages. While many of you may want to see Idy in the costume ancient series, but I’m so glad that she decided to be part of this series, and thanks to Mr. Lau (yes, Damian not Andy) for talking her into taking this role. The soundtrack of the series are nicely done, no vocals by any pop singers, which is totally cool about this series. Tabloids compared “Catch” as the HK version of “Ocean’s 11” series but the soundtrack surely imitate from “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, which also the English name of Jack Ko’s restaurant. TVB has done something very right this time by combining both “Ocean’s” & “Pirates” themes, and other Hollywood flicks like “The Italian Job” into “Catch”. Compared to the 1992 “The Key Man 巨人”, which is so hard for me to re-watch, I like “Catch” much better, and I believe “Key” was one of top ten series with record ratings in the 1990s of about 41 points. I’m so glad to see “Gugu” again after 16 years, but looks like she’s disappearing after this time… again, haha! Ok, enough of my blah thoughts.]

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    May 7th, 2008 at 11:50 AM

    lol, i dont understand anything but also think the scene is cute. Damian still looks so fit. I thought Idy looks great. whats with all the gossips about her image. all bs.

    The Key Man, geeze, i didn’t even finish it…