[TaKungPao]在無線劇集《原來愛上賊》中飾演「長腳蟹」的呂慧儀及演「姣佬」的李天翔,昨日到商台接受訪問。談及此劇將在本星期結局,之前陳玉蓮曾表示會在此劇播完前返港宣傳,但現在都失去蹤影。呂慧儀表示陳玉蓮是好靚,又Keep得很好,十分慈祥,對他們這些新人亦好關心。她都希望可以再見到對方,平時大家間中亦有電話聯絡的。/ Headline
“Catch Me Now” will wrap up today with a bittersweet ending [the other ending will be available online here]. Yesterday Koni Lui and Eric Li Tin-Cheung (“pretty boy” car racer) accepted interview at CRHK radio, Koni revealed that currently they aren’t sure whereabouts Idy Chan since she indicated last time that she’ll try to be back in HK for the finale. Koni praised that Idy is not only pretty but very gentle, keeping herself good, and treating us new people with great care. Koni hopes to see Idy again, however, they do keep in touch by phone. [Koni asked fans to participate in the game of guessing on the fate of brother Jack at her blog]
[flv:http://vdo.tvb.com/g/20080516/20080516111556909-0515.flv 500 300]

[Maybe TVB will have another function for “Catch”, c’mon Miss Chan, where are you? You’ve been missing the entire broadcast of the show, for the sake of your fans, it’s time for you to show up at least one time before you go into a 16-year hiatus again. Haha! It’s been fun for me on following up the series last 4 weeks, but perhaps there’ll be not much to update at this blog now that “Catch” finished, unless something big happens and I’m sure y’all know what I mean.]

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    May 16th, 2008 at 2:13 PM

    I just finished watching the entire series. I was glad Yung Yung and Jack tied the knot! But the ending was still very ‘SUCK!’. Why would they do like that for the couples, specially for Idy just as welcome back after decade of her disappearing.

    I hate to see most of her series ended up with bad things! She deserve more than happiness in and out movies!