Idy Chan @ “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” cast reunion

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[20:03] 2013/07/02【 東方互動 專訊】 藝人陳玉蓮在電台節目中被問當年與周潤發的一段情?她說:「入行之後就好想結婚離開呢個圈。(因為周生唔同你結婚?)要問周生。(分手涉及第三者?)我冇,要問佢(指發哥)有冇。(你提出分手?)要問周生。」問到日後與發哥見面可會感到尷尬?陳玉蓮說:「點解要尷尬!都係一個人。」

Sammy Sum 沈震轩 shared an Instagram photo of him taken with his onscreen sister Idy Chan 陳玉蓮, producer Waikin Chong 莊偉建, and cast mate Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗.

Today [I’m] very happy to have a meal with “Yee-Yin” Idy Chan! Really want to share with everyone her positive energy. All these years, she’s been nonstop doing charity work in mainland China: helping the poor, building schools, and nurturing young less privileged children… She also personally raises 5 kids for the future continuation of her good deeds. She doesn’t ask for anything in return, but just do things that she wants and should do. This kind generosity makes me proud but there’s no words to express! She’s a great role model for being part of us “artists”! “Little Dragon Girl” doesn’t need any fancy clothes, no makeup, and no fine gourmet food: just live a modest life, but in my eyes it’s as beautiful as angels could be. Beautiful-in reality is quite simple!

Unlike this time last year, it’s going to be a quiet month…

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Louie Castro (Ka Si Lok 賈思樂) and Rowena (露雲娜) were the guest stars of RTHK’s “Hong Kong Footpath” 《舊日的足跡》 on March 31. Louie spoke briefly on his relationship with Idy Chan “I was attracted by Idy’s unique trait, her candid personality is so different from others, we dated for about half a year. But soon realized it’s best for us to be just friends. I do cherish this special friendship, and have the most beautiful memories with Idy. She’s the only person that I once considered starting a family and have children with.”

Year of the SnakeCheers!

Full HD Version @ HKLove

Fans posted this old photo of Idy Chan’s taken back in 2010 on one of her charity missions, and Damian Lau re-posted the photo to many other cast mates in “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” 《名媛望族》 and they too re-posted Damian’s messages.

Here are some captures of weibo posts regarding Idy:
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[21:16] 2012/12/12 【 東方互動 專訊】 網友真眼利!昨晚台慶劇《名媛望族》講述陳玉蓮離開劉松仁時,她手持的手袋仔竟然有個類似卡通人物史迪仔的圖案,唔通就連套懷舊劇都玩穿越時空?惹來網友討論,蓮妹戲中話晒演名媛,冇理由會用史迪仔手袋咁Cutie(可愛)!

Net citizens do have good eyes! They noted the handbag that Idy Chan was carrying with the cartoon character “Stitch” in one of her last scenes, and generated comical discussion that the drama set in the old time and traveled through time. Producer Chong Waikin was contacted on the issue, he cleared with costume department that it was just a general design pattern, and nothing to do with the modern time cartoon [hahaha]

Idy didn’t attend the finale gathering party with other cast, there’s only a few replay of Idy’s scenes. Watch the special show via AzDrama or here. News report via JayneStars.

Yat Fai & Yee Yin MV (credits: 1659622553)

Episode 37 resumed and concluded Yee Yin’s (Idy Chan) left the mansion with few seconds of Yee Yin and Yat Fai (Ben Wong) in the car as Arthur (Damian Lau) looked on. Then he went to Yee Yin’s room and reminisced all those moments with her. The whole thing lasted in about 3 minutes, which is nothing compared to those long, annoying flashback scenes of Siu Yau and Muk Shui. There are 2 new scenes and one of them is Arthur attempted to kiss Yee Yin. Damian posted several messages regarding the scene. It’s still the cut version of the whole scene with 2 different kisses and the first one was success. The shown scene was Arthur’s second attempt but failed. How pitiful!

Anyway, I’m still not satisfied with the ending even after seeing a few extra scenes in Episode 37. Something is missing…

Fans shared photos of Idy taken yesterday in Chengchow. She watched Episode 36 together with them, and the fans noted how Idy lowered her head with tears in eyes when watching the scenes of 4 wives talking. According to Idy, she credited Damian for writing part of the scripts, and she cried when reading the scripts, so there was no outtakes.

Another fan relayed a message to Damian, and he posted “Idy, the drama will end, everyone is scattered, but we all miss you, just a day, why aren’t you back to Hong Kong, notice sent out in advance, we really want to get together. Damian”

Please apology for my writing here. My mind is a mess right now, but just wanted to rant some thoughts.

Why they ended Yee Yin (Idy Chan) so early while there’s still 4 episodes left to focus on characters that I have the least interest, esp. the trio, Charles (Kenneth Ma), Muk Shui (Ron Ng), and Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu), who I grow to dislike as the drama progressed. How many times they ran the flashback scenes between SY and MS with those dough figures, when they expressed their feelings for each other. Dull. Yawn. Why did they cut Yat Fai (Ben Wong)’s few small parts that could replace all those useless flashback screen time. OK, it’s because I interpret the possible deleted scenes based on photos posted on Why can’t they squeeze a couple minutes of Yat Fai looked out when Yee Yin walked to the car. Why can’t they show the short moment of Yat Fai and Yee Yin in the car before it drove away. Why can’t create a “real story” in the drama with the major characters riding the horses instead of shooting it for the opening theme. So what about Yee Yin’s mother and brother? They didn’t even care to say goodbye to Yee Yin?

For me, the most moving part of Yee Yin’s departure is not with Arthur (Damian Lau), but with the whole family. I actually cried with them as I watched. Yee Yin meant well and genuinely loved everyone in the family. I also loved the part where the 4 wives together how they actually respect and love each other as real sisters. Now, I finally understand all the posts on weibo earlier this year when they finished filming in Hong Kong. They talked about this very episode.

I might come up with some more later…

Weibo report: Episode 36 generated a lot of discussion and large number of weibo posts by fans, other cast members and even producer Chong Waikin. Here are posts from Mary Hon, Elena Kong and Ben Wong as small samples. Chong even gave a name for SSSS sequel.

A fan shared this photo taken with Idy just last week in Beijing.

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