Please apology for my writing here. My mind is a mess right now, but just wanted to rant some thoughts.

Why they ended Yee Yin (Idy Chan) so early while there’s still 4 episodes left to focus on characters that I have the least interest, esp. the trio, Charles (Kenneth Ma), Muk Shui (Ron Ng), and Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu), who I grow to dislike as the drama progressed. How many times they ran the flashback scenes between SY and MS with those dough figures, when they expressed their feelings for each other. Dull. Yawn. Why did they cut Yat Fai (Ben Wong)’s few small parts that could replace all those useless flashback screen time. OK, it’s because I interpret the possible deleted scenes based on photos posted on Why can’t they squeeze a couple minutes of Yat Fai looked out when Yee Yin walked to the car. Why can’t they show the short moment of Yat Fai and Yee Yin in the car before it drove away. Why can’t create a “real story” in the drama with the major characters riding the horses instead of shooting it for the opening theme. So what about Yee Yin’s mother and brother? They didn’t even care to say goodbye to Yee Yin?

For me, the most moving part of Yee Yin’s departure is not with Arthur (Damian Lau), but with the whole family. I actually cried with them as I watched. Yee Yin meant well and genuinely loved everyone in the family. I also loved the part where the 4 wives together how they actually respect and love each other as real sisters. Now, I finally understand all the posts on weibo earlier this year when they finished filming in Hong Kong. They talked about this very episode.

I might come up with some more later…

Weibo report: Episode 36 generated a lot of discussion and large number of weibo posts by fans, other cast members and even producer Chong Waikin. Here are posts from Mary Hon, Elena Kong and Ben Wong as small samples. Chong even gave a name for SSSS sequel.

A fan shared this photo taken with Idy just last week in Beijing.

(Credits: 2091496082)

This fan-made video said “Just wanna say Goodbye Yat Fai & Yee Yin, I’ll always remember you both”
Ben Wong replied “This love is worth to remember…”

Can’t view the video? Watch it here

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Credits: @JC jc莲迷2 via diezi / @Huyi 诹访湖衣 [Vietnamese translation 越南語 @DAN]
Fans contacted Idy and expressed that they want to send gifts to her for the holiday season. At first she disagreed because she doesn’t want us to spend too much money on gifts that might get lost during the mailing, and it’s not convenient for her. She eventually has agreed to accept the idea but she will receive them via TVB. Also, it’s the way to let the company know that the fans support her in her latest drama “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” 《名媛望族》. Here are the rules and please remember “it’s the thought that counts”:

  • Gifts must be inexpensive, do not spend a lot of money on them.
  • Cards, hand-written letters, pens, phone cases, hand-made crafts are preferred.
  • Include a photo of yourself, and remember to smile in the photo. If you have bulky gifts, take a photo of yourself with the gift, and just send that the photo. She’ll be grateful just for your thoughts.
  • Include your contact information such as address, email, or phone number. Briefly introduce yourself [such as what you do or study]
  • If you KNOW Chinese, Write in CHINESE.
  • If you DON’T know Chinese, Write in ENGLISH. [Don’t use difficult words, keep your writings simple and easy to understand]
  • Pack the gifts with care and send to TVB. She will receive the gifts at the company when she’s back in Hong Kong. [whenever that is]
  • REMEMBER to write the address in Chinese TRADITIONAL forms because Hong Kong postal workers might not recognize the Chinese Simplified.

Here is the address or just print out the address from this PDF label and paste on your gift packet:

Television Broadcasts Limited, TVB City
Attention: 陳玉蓮 IDY CHAN Yuk Lin
77 Chun Choi Street
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
Kowloon, HONG KONG

You can also send your photo and information to JC at or Huyi at

Fill in, if applicable, in the following order:
蓮吧ID [Baibu ID]
QQ名字 [QQ Username]
真實姓名 [Real name]
手機 [Phone]
電子郵箱 [Email]
聯系地址 [Address]
郵政編碼 [Postal/ZIP Code]

Sources: TVB Weekly #806
Mary Hon posted a message for Idy “2nd Sister [Yee Yin], on the 14th everyone at Chung family will be watching the last 2 episodes, really hope you can come back, so far only you missing, it’d be perfect to have you, please please come back!”

Mary posted another message “YY, Arthur misses you, Yat Fai also waits for you coming back. Really hope for a family reunion. Auntie Wan will wait for you until dinner is served.”
Damian Lau responded “I love to have the whole family have a meal together, YY, don’t be so stubborn!”

Both Damian and Ben Wong acknowledged this video:

(credits: 1784253653)

Sources: Molichina /

名媛望族 SSSS Christmas Promotion…

Sources: SingTao /

Elena Kong shared a photo taken with Ben Wong “3rd Madame [Yvonne] and Yat Fai? So difficult for her…”

Ben replied “You also have a difficult road! Did you ask 2nd Sister [Yee Yin] yet?” . He also shared a photo taken with Damian Lau and Kenneth Ma.

Credits: 1648070467 / 1920580455

Sources: iHKTV
Damian Lau feels that no one can play Idy Chan’s character, her own temperament and with many years of experience, her charisma and the way she treats everything neutrally, just like making wine, it won’t come out right on day one. It’s hard to maintain such valuable acting and temperament in Idy after in the industry so long, Idy is quite rare, she can give the audience of such attitude and her true personal.

Damian also revealed a little secret that in real life he experienced the similar love story of Idy’s and Ben Wong’s, the two of them truly loved each other. Unfortunately the chance missed, the timing was wrong, and eventually the feeling subsided. He joked that his own story is more intense, so keep tuning in the later part of the drama to find out.

Damian’s weibo on this video “Idy, how you’re so “beautiful”, touched my heart, very nice cut” [via DamianLauVN]

(credits: 1612463553)

Next week’s highlight

Last couple days, fans met Idy in Shanghai and shared photos at CYL Bar. Some fans commented on the deleted animated image and mentioned that they met Idy in Shanghai. What interesting is Damian Lau replied to the fans as to relay a message to Idy.

“Idy: still looking forward to December 14, if you can be back in Hong Kong with the Chung family, we all can watch the finale together. A “destiny” perfect ending❤ Be careful out there, take good care. Damian”

See other messages translated at DamianLauVN2

Damian also gave thumbs-up for this video (credits: 208169111)

MingPao via Yahoo! via iHKTV
Damnian’s appreciation for Michelle Yim, Idy Chan, and Mary Hon

After all these years who is the most praiseworthy actor? “In Taiwan, there’s Lichun Lee, he’s a national treasure, Seung Fung – a Golden Bell best actor, he’s my mentor. In Hong Kong, there’s Michelle, she’s my good partner, there’s also Idy, Mary, and Bao Fong. (Is Michelle your best partner?) Every of them is my best partner. It’s just like relationship, you’re in a relationship with someone, you must wholeheartedly put in the effort. Let bygones be bygones. You can’t reminiscence the past when you’re in the relationship a new person, it’s unfair. Therefore whether old or new, must put in your best effort every time.”

Sources: [English translation via JayneStars]

Roger Kwok (1/Mary Hon), Michael Tse (3/Elena Kong), Nat Chan (Damian Lau), Moses Chan (4/Tavia Yeung), and Wayne Lai (2/Idy Chan)

Watch online or download the whole show via AzDrama – SSSS “Dim Sum” parody segment starts at around 47:00 ~ 50:00