April 2013

April 8, 2013 at 21:54

Unlike this time last year, it’s going to be a quiet month…

MingPao / WenWeiPo /
Louie Castro (Ka Si Lok 賈思樂) and Rowena (露雲娜) were the guest stars of RTHK’s “Hong Kong Footpath” 《舊日的足跡》 on March 31. Louie spoke briefly on his relationship with Idy Chan “I was attracted by Idy’s unique trait, her candid personality is so different from others, we dated for about half a year. But soon realized it’s best for us to be just friends. I do cherish this special friendship, and have the most beautiful memories with Idy. She’s the only person that I once considered starting a family and have children with.”

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    April 16th, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    I wish Idy can come back to hongkong so we can some news from her. Does anyone know if Idy and Andy works together again, maybe audience can write to tvb and wishing to see golden couple again. I know Andy loves to see sll again.If there is a chance i wish they are will be main couple that like silver spoon series. many thanks