Hello Everyone, just only a few weeks of not able to visit any forums, weibo, nor following news on Miss Idy Chan and I’ve missed out a lot of things already. Perhaps you already know by now that there’s a fan gathering with Idy in Guangzhou just over the weekend on March 24. Unfortunately for overseas fans like many of us here, we missed the grand party. Though I keep my hope alive that there’d be one day I’ll get to meet Idy. Anyway, to make it short and simple, here are some photos posted on [ALS] CYLBar. My apology to anyone who could have made to the party but didn’t know about it. With my limited Chinese, I’m too overwhelmed with the messages posted there, weibo, and everywhere else in the last several weeks. Check out those sites and Facebook for more photos, they’re just everywhere. Happy Spring 2013!

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