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名媛望族 SSSS Christmas Promotion…

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Elena Kong shared a photo taken with Ben Wong “3rd Madame [Yvonne] and Yat Fai? So difficult for her…”

Ben replied “You also have a difficult road! Did you ask 2nd Sister [Yee Yin] yet?” . He also shared a photo taken with Damian Lau and Kenneth Ma.

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Damian Lau feels that no one can play Idy Chan’s character, her own temperament and with many years of experience, her charisma and the way she treats everything neutrally, just like making wine, it won’t come out right on day one. It’s hard to maintain such valuable acting and temperament in Idy after in the industry so long, Idy is quite rare, she can give the audience of such attitude and her true personal.

Damian also revealed a little secret that in real life he experienced the similar love story of Idy’s and Ben Wong’s, the two of them truly loved each other. Unfortunately the chance missed, the timing was wrong, and eventually the feeling subsided. He joked that his own story is more intense, so keep tuning in the later part of the drama to find out.

Damian’s weibo on this video “Idy, how you’re so “beautiful”, touched my heart, very nice cut” [via DamianLauVN]

Last couple days, fans met Idy in Shanghai and shared photos at CYL Bar. Some fans commented on the deleted animated image and mentioned that they met Idy in Shanghai. What interesting is Damian Lau replied to the fans as to relay a message to Idy.

“Idy: still looking forward to December 14, if you can be back in Hong Kong with the Chung family, we all can watch the finale together. A “destiny” perfect ending❤ Be careful out there, take good care. Damian”

See other messages translated at DamianLauVN2

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Damnian’s appreciation for Michelle Yim, Idy Chan, and Mary Hon

After all these years who is the most praiseworthy actor? “In Taiwan, there’s Lichun Lee, he’s a national treasure, Seung Fung – a Golden Bell best actor, he’s my mentor. In Hong Kong, there’s Michelle, she’s my good partner, there’s also Idy, Mary, and Bao Fong. (Is Michelle your best partner?) Every of them is my best partner. It’s just like relationship, you’re in a relationship with someone, you must wholeheartedly put in the effort. Let bygones be bygones. You can’t reminiscence the past when you’re in the relationship a new person, it’s unfair. Therefore whether old or new, must put in your best effort every time.”

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Roger Kwok (1/Mary Hon), Michael Tse (3/Elena Kong), Nat Chan (Damian Lau), Moses Chan (4/Tavia Yeung), and Wayne Lai (2/Idy Chan)

Watch online or download the whole show via AzDrama – SSSS “Dim Sum” parody segment starts at around 47:00 ~ 50:00

名媛望族 SSSS – a deleted scene

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This animated image created by a fan on Weibo and caught Damian Lau’s attention.

He lamented “It’s really a pity this scene got cut, aching heart” and even hash-tagged the producer, director (?), and “wives” Mary Hon and Elena Kong

He then shared “Luckily the image saved this feeling with Idy

[Full English translation via JayneStars / Vietnamese translation via DamianLauVN]

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The drama has been well-received by viewers in Mainland since it’s aired and ranked among the top favorite dramas by netizens. They also wish to have Damian Lau’s and Idy Chan’s characters ended together. However producer Waikin Chong explained “The drama already filmed with satisfactory ending, no need to film another finale.” Many TV stations already purchased syndication rights for the drama. [Vietnamese translation via DamianLauVN]

Sources: TVB Weekly #803 via CYL Bar

Producer Chong Waikin “Yee Yin realized that she wanted to be with Cheuk Man [Arthur], and set it clear with her old lover Chai Yat Fai (Ben Wong), but because of his 2nd son Kai Yip [Jimmy] (Vincent Wong) beat up him very badly, that caused deeper misunderstanding between Yee Yin and Cheuk Man.”

Extra: See Damian’s Weibo posts on past week’s eps via DamianLauVN.

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Ben Wong has been known for playing villains and even got the Best Supporting Actor award last year. However, in the new drama “Silver…” 《名媛望族》 setting in the early era of Republic of China, he’s portraying a “good guy” who will have a love line with Idy Chan. “Can’t believe I get to work with Idy, on the very first shooting, the scene required to have some physical contact, I thought ‘Oh no, is it OK for me to touch her?’ ” Ben’s nervous yet excited to work with Idy. He praised that Idy played the character well and quite suitable for her.

“My character is a romantic faithful man, I’m content as long as she’s happy, so loving her, I’ll not ruin her reputation knowing that she’s already married.”

While filming in Shanghai, Ben noted Idy’s little habit “Every time when we had our meals, she would take out a bottle of alcohol, and she would start to clean everything with it. It’s probably because she goes to mainland often for charity, and those remote areas lack of clean water, it’s the way for disinfection.”

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Producer Chong Wai-Kin revealed that deleted scenes for SSSS would add up to about 4 episodes. Also, the fates of 4 wives already spoiled.