Sources: Oriental via iHKTV /

Ben Wong has been known for playing villains and even got the Best Supporting Actor award last year. However, in the new drama “Silver…” 《名媛望族》 setting in the early era of Republic of China, he’s portraying a “good guy” who will have a love line with Idy Chan. “Can’t believe I get to work with Idy, on the very first shooting, the scene required to have some physical contact, I thought ‘Oh no, is it OK for me to touch her?’ ” Ben’s nervous yet excited to work with Idy. He praised that Idy played the character well and quite suitable for her.

“My character is a romantic faithful man, I’m content as long as she’s happy, so loving her, I’ll not ruin her reputation knowing that she’s already married.”

While filming in Shanghai, Ben noted Idy’s little habit “Every time when we had our meals, she would take out a bottle of alcohol, and she would start to clean everything with it. It’s probably because she goes to mainland often for charity, and those remote areas lack of clean water, it’s the way for disinfection.”