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Idy Chan no longer wishes people to remember her as Little Dragon Girl 小龍女 SLL “Being SLL for so many years, doesn’t fit with my age, the truth is no one is otherworldly.” On her comeback in “Silver…” 《名媛望族》 which premiered today, she would like to send her gratitude to Damian Lau “He has treated me as a rookie, but I don’t mind because we work as a team, so one’s performance has great impact on others. I’m a carefree person, but my character is miserable, so he told me to put myself into the character, but also needs to hang out or interact with other cast mates off screen.”

Because of her work in remote areas, many often think she’s already exiting the showbiz “Every time when people called me, I am often in the remote region, but I also needs to eat [earn money], so if the scripts are right and the timing work out, I would like to act.” She explained further “Even though, we’re not affiliated with organization, you can call us “Free and Unfettered”, but it’s not easy as it seems. There’s one occasion, parent of 1 girl that we had agreed to bring her in didn’t trust us, and want their child back even checking my background on the internet.” Currently, we foster 6 girls aged 14-17 teaching them everything from English to pass on the charity mission.

Hoping to film comedy.

Idy expressed the hope to able to do comedy “I would love to film a comedy, doesn’t matter who’s the costar, if the character is right, even working with Andy Lau again would be no problem”. When mentioned that Andy has agreed to film for TVB, Idy heartily laughed “He’s more likely to film idol drama, I like to film comedy but it’s all the same goal.”

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There’s 2 live promotion events for “Silver…” 《名媛望族》, one already happened on the 15th of this month, but Idy can’t attend on both. Director Chong Waikin explained “Nothing much we can do, Idy could only attend the Anniversary Lighting, because of her work obligation in mainland China, she needs to go back there, quite sad, so she’s put the burden of promotion work on Damian Lau and Tavia Yeung.”

Note: The 2nd function will happen today

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!Spoiler Alert! Sneak peeks of some “intimate” scenes in “Silver…” 《名媛望族》 via iHKTV with English translation via JayneStars [Vietnamese translation via DamianLauVN]

2012-10-17 Idy Chan attended some event in Shenzhen with Lawrence Ng 吳啟華. Only found few blurry photos on Weibo, and heard that Idy even performed a song on stage, and it’s Teresa Teng’s 鄧麗君 trademark song “The Moon Represents My Heart 月亮代表我的心”.

Thanks JC for the clearer photos.

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The cast attended the Dancing for Charity as the 1st live promotion for “Silver…”, however 1st and 2nd madame Mary Hon and Idy Chan didn’t attend 🙁

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Yee-yin 愛新覺羅·爾嫣 (Idy Chan) “Cheuk-man 鍾卓萬 (Damian Lau) really loved me, and I thought I still loved Yat-fai 齊日輝 (Ben Wong), but when I realized Cheuk-man is my love, he’s now in love with 4th wife…”

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