Idy Chan has affection but not love

October 28, 2012 at 9:18

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    October 28th, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    Urgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…..I read it……………….Urgggggggggggggg I don’t understand must what I said. I assume her philosophy is so POWERFUL just like REAL Buddha or GOD which make normal people with simple mind like me do not understand.

    Sorry, Idy, I rather you are my Lan Linh, Lan Linh, or even Yee Yin. I am your fan. I devote to you and love to see you. Please please coming back and spend one of your life live with us. I know you are happy, but I don’t understand what you said @@

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    October 29th, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    How you read it? by google translate? I find this article content is quite similar with many previous ones, so I skip translating it unless I find a translated version elsewhere.. I’d link it. Also, there’s a TVB “Star Talk” segment featuring Idy next week, I expect the same content in the interview…

    Though I’m curious about the master who seems to have a great influence on her. She said something like this “Identity of the master is not a secret, there’s always a chance to meet her/him by fate, s/he is Chinese and taught at universities in America for so many years.”

    Anyone’s spiritual or region belief is hard to be comprehended by others, even the closest one. It’s the person’s right to express their own views how they see life as a whole, most of the time it turns into a “preaching” to others, so I’d rather avoid discussing region [and politics] with anyone. For me, life is already hard and complicated without them.

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    October 29th, 2012 at 12:20 AM


    I used GOOGE CHROME.

    I put the link of the article in there and set for automatically transfer.

    I suprised when found out it transfers very accurate (well, but not 100%). It recognizes Idy name @@.

    But for this one, I don’t understand???? Like I said her philosophy complicated for me, or the way it translated. Please read it and let me know on the below post.

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    October 29th, 2012 at 12:20 AM

    Idy emotional love

    The Idy categorically that certainly do not think of the men and women feelings matter. (Photo: Leung Nai-nan)

    The half played live by Jin Yong novel “Maid of the Condor Heroes” Ming Pao Idy become a smash hit artist career hit a peak; Idy and Maid name has long been an integral. Today, Idy re-enter the entertainment circle continues to move forward, but with her Maid, the goal is not fame and fortune, filming outside is learning to practice and to do good to follow her master, and looking for a girl when the heir to the hope that her philosophy continue.

    “Maid” Idy last shot radio drama “Catch Me” 4 years ago, but fortunately the audience do not like as Yang Guo waiting for her 16 years. Lotus sister appeared in T’ai “ladies as mayor, the opponent is the same Damian. Lin sister said: “Producer Zhuangwei built originally called me up, he said the new play Song Ge, will be a few fun; want to shoot carefully crafting drama happened to time with the promise filming. Mainland mountains from time to time because I do charity, their money and efforts, is also true for the past four years, the annual April northward, winter will return to Hong Kong. lotus sister continued: “the filming not deliberately with the time to do my own practice and doing good are unplanned plan, how can limit their own time down, this is contrary to our practice. ”

    No thought of cooperation with Andy again

    Rumored Jing win over Andy filming for TVB, lotus sister will it work with Andy Lau? Lin sister said: “Master told me in an interview if the encounter hypothetical questions, you can choose not to answer. Really want to answer, because I was” unplanned Plan, which is unplanned, if A I might die, and it becomes no or Andy did not want to cooperate with me, turn into no; so a stage to speak, is to “truthfully”. (have ever thought to cooperate with Andy again ?) into the surface of the heart no thought, the heart only practice, charitable and master speak day shoot “Catch Me”, the Master is a good thing, you can see that they learned how many different and outside the facts come out really inconsistent. (with ever want to give up not shoot?), to overcome the difficulties, practice is looking for its own trouble. ”

    Intimate scenes do not play a mischievous role

    The LOTUS sister will now carefully selected role, for example, must not shoot intimate scenes with evil intents roles do not do will affect others, for fear that too rape people imitate She Will recapitulation Maid? Lin sister laughed and said: “not age, big and how to do it!” Original lotus sister also filming the romance, as long as no of any affectionate lens and carefully selected opponents, she said: “for example, and the loose brother (Damian) conversational know him personally, can now drag me, embrace me, contrary to beat, “Catch Me” was not quite sure Songge, is not it. ”

    People to celibacy celibacy go

    Lotus sister all to practice first, do not worry about work, emotional things down. Lin sister said: “the money of course good, can not do a lot of things due to insufficient funds, we do charity buy supplies, go to every place you want to live and eat, and all expenses. (Whether in the Mark Six do not have to work to earn money?) do not make money because we have this group of people have the money, the master is the Mark Six. (emotional baggage down?) have laid down Haonai, but I still have feelings, all feelings, love transformed and enlarged , is not confined to the home, or men and women. (he would not think of the men and women feelings?) certainly does not know own line road, the road of practice that person is celibate go celibate. ”

    By volunteering to practice

    Lin sister recalled the early years 退出娱乐圈 began volunteering, hoping to find out their own life the other way, but I do not know what way to help people only know how to indulge volunteer; Later, a friend that she often said, speak the truth with a Master similar, so she met with the master.

    She said: “This is 20 years ago, when the master practitioner said, I feel the average person is difficult to practice; I did not bother to continue to volunteer, they do 10 years; over the years has been exposed to Christianity , Catholicism, Buddhism and Taoism, but to hear the practice, but it is two different things. times I re-visited the Master, he said that the good things I do, just to help people find happiness and relief in the physical, not in the soul, from no help people grow in wisdom, equivalent safes a lot of money, just keep money out of helping people, total one day become empty, this is just consumed my ability and savings Master said to me, you should go and people to help spiritual upgrade I finally got inspired, then stopped to officially follow master learning. ”

    Discard the “bad”

    Lin sister blew just after Master lessons to teach the accused did not obey. She said: “In fact, you want to follow the Master, that is, to the body. Mouth. Meaning” to the master, but people tend to have a lot of bad habits left over from past experience will come to do just the Master asked why I changed meaning do not listen to orders, and said “body. mouth. meaning” handed over to him, I do not follow the teachings of due to too much residual idea. (not afraid of no self?) practice is “no”, “no” on the way but also “bad” to do what master assigned me to do things that are just as intended. ”

    Lotus sister admitted in practice and do good, will of Idy The identity deemed props still to everyone familiar Idy, it will be very difficult to deal with and face up to the problem, because the most important thing is mind; Some people even put on Saffron monk useless, is still his own, with no change.

    Not entirely hundred percent monk

    Asked lotus sister has calculated home? She said: “be considered, but not completely hundred percent is doing a good job because I believe in God and the spirit world, and knows the difference between there, in everything we do, will know there is no progress, whether closer to God. Master says to us like water, the so-called “charity,” and that is the highest realm of good deeds is like the character of the water, which benefits all things without struggle. Master also taught us the time to do what they do, rather than own should do what; example, then there is reason to continue filming, I will be out of work, can not be said to really tell the truth, how many plan come about and do it. ”

    Reporter: YE Yang reached

    Photography: Leung Nai Nan

    Looking for heirs

    The Idy means the practice is to give up, to do a real void. (Photo: Leung Nai-nan)

    Ming Pao News] Idy revealed that the main practice in the Mainland and good works, from which to explore not sleep a wink the edge of a young girl, her successor as the work of the charity and Assistant. Lin sister said: “The pick of the age from 14 to 17-year-old girl to sample pretty tall positive sleep a wink edge., After all, to do my successors to the quality of good, it is better to find a BEAUTIFUL little people; Mainland people do not understand What is a “positive” to explain to them the meaning of voluptuous, but do not scare them, I was more positive artists, they know not Wainian of very willing helper to the Mainland to do good without rely on donors, several have enough friends, the only thing you need is the personal connections for us to explain the Mainland situation throughout the region, to see what areas need help poverty line. ”

    14-17-year-old girl

    Lotus sister to the mainland last found in Qinghai Yushu Tibetan women, one of whom failed to pass a medical examination intended to give her some money to doctors and patients even if, but said Tibetan tribe family, children sick do not usually spend money to heal; lotus sister understand to leave the premises, the Tibetan woman might be at home waiting to die. Final lotus sister adopted her and took her to the doctors and patients in Guangzhou. Lin sister said: found Girl “In fact, I hope to continue our philosophy, like the heir; itself, they are poor people at home doing nothing, it is better to close at hand to learn, they do not laziness on the left and we will teach them cultural basic etiquette and hygiene knowledge, time and send money to their families. biggest impetus is my master, both money and mentally. (exposes who is the master?) is not a low-key or confidential, as long as the affinity they will see ; he is Chinese, many years ago to teach in American universities. ”

    Not “the” is “discarded”

    Host how much sleep a wink edge girl? Lin sister said: 6 “temporary, they are willing to practice and learn, never thought to leave. (They have to gain?) We have different ideas, not” receive “, the practice is to discard the bad things or substances discarded, to really void. “

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    October 29th, 2012 at 12:25 AM

    After reading this article: Is LOTUS SISTER her nick name?

    This master really got in her mind. I want to meet up with him and ask him to reverse whatever Idy learned from him and leave her alone with us

    hahahahahhahahaha.,,,the MASTER for sure will use his kungfu to kick my butt out. But do I care?

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    October 29th, 2012 at 4:45 AM

    You must have some setting in Google Chrome to auto translate foreign language webpages to English.

    Lotus sister = Lin mui = Liên muội

    She was introduced her older sister to work for an entertainment magazine at 16, and then later worked for HK radio, that’s how she and Andy first met. She graduated from TVB’s 6th Artistes Training Class at 17, Ray Lui (Lu Luong Vy) was in the same class, even Ray mentioned that Idy was the youngest… that’s how people started to call her Liên “younger sister” and the name stuck

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    October 29th, 2012 at 5:33 AM


    Then by reading the article above, do you understand what they are talking about?

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      October 29th, 2012 at 8:43 AM

      Nope, no ideas of the translated text…

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    October 30th, 2012 at 10:49 PM

    idy chan “gugu” she looks very young and nice lady