Last couple days, fans met Idy in Shanghai and shared photos at CYL Bar. Some fans commented on the deleted animated image and mentioned that they met Idy in Shanghai. What interesting is Damian Lau replied to the fans as to relay a message to Idy.

“Idy: still looking forward to December 14, if you can be back in Hong Kong with the Chung family, we all can watch the finale together. A “destiny” perfect ending❤ Be careful out there, take good care. Damian”

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MingPao via Yahoo! via iHKTV
Damnian’s appreciation for Michelle Yim, Idy Chan, and Mary Hon

After all these years who is the most praiseworthy actor? “In Taiwan, there’s Lichun Lee, he’s a national treasure, Seung Fung – a Golden Bell best actor, he’s my mentor. In Hong Kong, there’s Michelle, she’s my good partner, there’s also Idy, Mary, and Bao Fong. (Is Michelle your best partner?) Every of them is my best partner. It’s just like relationship, you’re in a relationship with someone, you must wholeheartedly put in the effort. Let bygones be bygones. You can’t reminiscence the past when you’re in the relationship a new person, it’s unfair. Therefore whether old or new, must put in your best effort every time.”