[Ta Kung Pao – by reporter Yueng Bun from Changsha (captital of Hunan)] Feeling good for the first time returning to hometown Hunan/Regards Andy Lau as idol.

Because of holding a post on this week’s “Strictly Come Dancing” as a judge, recently resurfacing “SLL” Idy Chan arrived in Changsha as promised. Being half of Hunan origin, Idy Chan expressed that it’s great to go back to hometown first time. Fading out from the showbiz for 16 years, Idy has become appreciating Andy Lau more, but when asked on the past affair with Chow Yun-Fat, she only politely answered with one word “Thanks” and prefers not to discuss more.

Due to her portrayal of SLL, Idy Chan does have a great affect on generation of TV viewers. But there’s no resemblance, she has the Hunan fire blood in herself.

Smiling Idy Chan said that her mother is Hunan native, therefore, there’s always a special sentiment towards Hunan, and this time when she got the invitation she agreed immediately. “This is my first time returning to Hunan, it’s very good feeling!” Idy expressed that before passing away, her mother often suggested that must come to Hunan for a visit, this time Idy arrives at Changsha to fulfill her mother’s wish.

Avoid to discuss the love affair with Fat Gor [Chow Yun-Fat]

SLL image has deep roots in people’s hearts, Idy & Andy Lau’s ROCH1983 version is the classic of the classics. Although separated for more then 20 years, when mentioning Andy Lau, Idy is full of approval. She frankly speaks out that although Andy is little younger than her and entering the showbiz a bit later than her. “But everyone can see that Mr. Lau’s reputed career, his today success results from diligent steps.” She said Andy Lau’s not only her partner once, but he’s always her idol.

Overwhelmingly praising Andy, but when reporters asked on her past affair with Chow Yun-Fat, she appeared to try to avoid it. It’s possible that at her middle-age, she doesn’t want to talk about old stories. When asked about the former relationship, she’s becoming awkward but quickly answered “Thanks” politely and wanted to change the topic.

Returning to showbiz due to destiny

Idy Chan’s career seemed almost rest to seclusion, now appearing as a “divorcee” in “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” Once the young, innocent “SLL”, now turns into every opportunity of a housewife, the future of Idy Chan’s resurfacing is not so bright. Early many HK media make that the reason she returns to showbiz now because of financial reason.

Regarding this, Idy relates the script in ROCH to explain the reason she returns “Gor Yee, we haven’t seen each other for 16 years”. She said that this year happens to be the 16th year since she faded out the showbiz, just a coincident. “Perhaps this is destiny” She sighs!