At noon today [Sep 20] @ Idy Chan at HiFly & SINA honored guest chatroom.

Host=H, Idy Chan Yuk-Lin=I, and Reporters=R, * correction by Kit

H: Hello fellow net friends, this is the HiFly and the SINA Net synchronization live chat room. Now having with me right now is the honored guest that everybody’s has been anticipating, Miss Idy Chan Yuk Lin. Idy, how are you?

I: Hello!

H: I know that you come today, my heart pumps fast as if it jumps out.

I: My Mandarin is not that good, my heart pumps fast as if it jumps out too.

H: In my childhood, whenever I have money I bought all the book I can. [Not sure what she meant, I’ll need to clarify this]

I: Really, thanks!

H: Today you’re coming to sit on the judging panel?

I: Yes, I need to dance too! *

H: How’s it coming to Hunan for this program?

I: I feel very amusing, have heard that Hunan is very beautiful. Also, my mother’s Hunan native, so I must come.

H: So you’re really of Hunan origin.

I: That’s right, I never had a chance to visit. My mother passed away already, but when she was alive she told me must visit Hunan. So I’m here as her wish.

H: How do you feel about Hunan now?

I: I haven’t get to see anything yet, just got off the plane.

H: Are you familiar with Hunan food?

I: In Hong Kong, my mother cooked Hunan dishes before, I’m certainly familiar with it.

H: Do you watch “Strictly Come Dancing” at home? Have you seen any dancing competition?

I: In HK, this program hasn’t been aired yet, but I’ve read magazine reports on it.

H: What’s your thought on “Strictly Come Dancing”?

I: Very amusing program. Beautiful. Because everyone is beautiful, and dancing makes it more attractive!

H: Have you watched other Hunan TV programs?

I: I haven’t, but have heard to the “Super Girl” program

H: Yes, there’s also “Joyful Male Voice“, how do you think about New Talents contest?

I: It’s great! We must keep moving & can’t stay forever in one place. It’s impossible to see those certain people. Some new faces must come out. *

H: The contest has selected many new talents like Jason Zhang Jie. Jeffrey G (Ji Jie) is also from New Talents Contest. Wait a little more and you will see their dance performance. There’s so many media friends here, they have questions to ask you. Now I give the time to you all [reporters].

R: I would like to ask what is your next function? or your plan?

I: You asked here [in Hunan] or in HK?

R: Arrangement in HK.

I: Actually no big plan, will make a TV serial with TVB, and after finish it then will see.

R: I would like to ask. It has been more than 10 years since you have acted. What made you return to acting?

I: Come to think of it, it is very fun. When you asked me that question, I thought of something. When I was filming ROCH, Yeung Gor [YG] and I were separated for 16 years. It’s such a coincidence now, it feels like YG & I have set a date, I’m out now to meet him.

H: What a beautiful date.

I: I was just calculating, it has really been more than 10 years since I’ve acted. I just thought of a sentence from the script in ROCH.

R: Then, when you acted with Andy Lau in ROCH, it became a classic which everyone remembers. Do you still keep in contact with the cast in that series?

I: Andy Lau. We don’t meet up much but we’ll see each other occasionally. He’s a nice guy. Once a host asked him to write me calligraphy & he wrote for me immediately. * [Wow, thanks so much Kit for your correction, what was I reading? I turned Andy Lau’s name into a totally different name! I’m sure you all know what she’s talking about here! So major cool that they do keep in touch]

R: Then, you were Andy’s idol, now as you look back, what are your thoughts & feelings?

I: Andy is my idol.

R: Over 10 years have passed, can you grade him? Then, he was just a young lad.

I: Actually, I’m only a little older than him, our age gap is not big. He entered into showbiz a little later than me. He is very diligent & puts in his heart in his work. Therefore, he deserves what he has earned today!

R: I would like to ask now that you’re coming out, people on the internet talked about the past affairs between you and Mr. Chow Yun-Fat, you do mind they at all?

I: Thanks, wait a little and I’ll tell you again.

R: Can you disclose how life has been for you after all so many years absence from the showbiz?

I: I did charity work, so many charity organizations in HK. Several years ago, I also studied pottery. After that I helped mentally disordered patients, I also taught them pottery at hospitals, so the years had passed like that.

R: Why did you do these things?

I: Actually, when I have more information I will tell you.

H: Ha ha! [Ha ha! I feel like laughing along with the host!]

R: How different between doing charity work and making a movie?

I: I felt very tired when filming. But I’ve learned a lot through volunteer work. For instance, someone had bad breath but I couldn’t back out. I know that I must teach him [pottery] & can’t just walk away. I’ve learned that if you want to get along with others, you must let them feel that your love first, then they’d return the same to you. *

R: So many years of doing charity, what is your source of income?

I: Savings with my acting income years before, my family & I have family business, we have business in Shanghai.

R: Is this your first time on the judge panel?

I: It seems so.

R: This time as a judge, is there any standards?

I: I don’t have any standards, we’ll see when on the show.

R: You haven’t thought about it?

I: It hasn’t happened yet, I cannot guess.

R: How you do you prepare to appear as a judge? Friendly gentle or strictly hard?

H: His question to you is are you easily kind or very strict?

I: I think we only know when at the scene.

R: Your SLL image was brilliant in ROCH. Over 10 years has passed, now you’re walking on the street, do people can still recognize you as SLL? Would you mind if they said “SLL is getting old”? *

I: Oh, what a question! First, there’s so many people told me that why don’t I look any different from TV. But of course, reports intentionally gave me hard time & trouble. There’s a magazine article that I thought it’s quite funny when they zoomed up to my nose & said there’s hair inside. Come on, everyone has [nostril] hair & why picked on me? So I won’t put this thing to heart & will just let it go. *

H: Yes, I’m sitting very close to Idy & can see very clearly. She does have very fair skin. *

R: What do you know about Hunan? *

I: Not much. I’m told that many beautiful girls here so I come to see. *

H: Fellow net friends, our interview time is up. We’re very happy that Miss Idy Chan Yuk-Lin comes here to sit in judge panel on “Strictly Come Dancing”. Hope that Idy will discover her potential as a judge after the show. *

News sources: SINA [HunanTV / SZOnline] / HunanTV / RedNet / CSOnline [TOM] / Zhang Jiani blog

[The interview script is in simplified Chinese, so don’t trust my translation completely. Again, having never have any formal Chinese lessons, I’ve tried my best to put out the translation. Perhaps, a more accurate translation by Kit will be available soon. I like how Idy cleverly answered questions about Mr. Chow, & the reason she returns to the showbiz now because she’s out to meet “YG” Andy again]