Fala Chen is very much anticipated about her upcoming TVB series working with Idy Chan, Damian Lau, & Joe Ma starting next month. “I’m very anticipated to collaborate with Idy Chan, in the play she & I will have many scenes together, her portrayal of SLL really deep roots people’s heart”. Joe Ma, “the scandalous king” which the media call him. Fala Chen doesn’t believe that working with Joe will cause any negative rumors between them.

News sources: Mingpao: OLWeekly / Oriental Daily / The Sun / Sing Pao / SingTao

[I know almost nothing about Fala Chen, she’s in the news a lot, & she often appears very appealing. I too don’t know much about Joe Ma, but there’s so much negative tabloid news about him. He’s married with kid & seems to be a nice, family man, who happens to be better looking. I guess people tend to perceive that handsome guys are unfaithful & flirtatious? I know that there won’t be any speculations about Idy & other co-stars in this series, but then again, others always reference her as SLL & that, perhaps, annoys her. ]