[Translated by Jaynestars.com] It has been 14 years since Idy Chan Yuk Lin last filmed a television series. Apparently, due to TVB’s persuasion, Idy will be returning to the small screen once again!

Idy will be filming a series with Damian Lau Chung Yan, Joe Ma Tak Chung, and Fala Chen. Entitled, “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, the series will film in October.

Idy commented, “Both TVB and ATV have been actively recruiting me to film for them. The details are not finalized yet! I will be leaving Hong Kong shortly. It really depends on how the schedule works out!”

However, TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling said, “We’ve very happy that Idy agreed to film for us!” (Did TVB offer Idy a hefty fee?) “No, Idy was unconcerned about the money. The more important thing was the schedule.”

Joe Ma was excited in the opportunity to work with Idy. “I have always admired Idy and love watching her onscreen. She has always been my idol!”

Producer Chong Wai Kin revealed that Idy’s character will be a divorcee who falls in love with thief, Damian.

News sources: Oriental Daily / The Sun

[I’m SO looking forward to this. I’ll continue to follow any future Idy’s news obsessively! HAHA! I’m neutral towards Damian, but I guess he’s one of the few veterans at TVB & matchable with Idy. Eye candy Joe Ma is a GREAT bonus. I yet haven’t seen any Fala Chen’s works, but I hope her character will be likable. I’m TOTALLY biased]

An opinion column on Idy in Mingpao US West SF – Supplement dated Aug 21, 2007. [I don’t want to withhold any news pieces of Idy that I know of]