2007.10.24 Joe Ma works with 3 Chans

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[Joe Ma Tak Chung‘s blog @ TVB] Currently I’m busy working on new series “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” , but this busy work is well worth it because I have the opportunity to work with SLL Idy Chan Yuk Lin. She’s really a forever SLL, and is truly other-worldly beauty. Also, there’s 2 other Chan beauties, that is Sharon Chan Man Chee & Fala Chen. Sharon plays my younger sister, and Fala plays my wife. Though, I feel that Sharon is more suitable to play wife because she dared to pull my ear…

[Joe is cute. He sounds very sweet from his writings.]

2007.10.22 Updates…

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[The Sun E+] Silent body language wins over sound dialogues. Idy Chan is definitely not an old person, but the way Fala Chen as if helping a senior and could imply as “I respect you, support you, it’s not because you can walk straight.”

“Thieves With Principles (lit.)” will be one of the first serials aired on TVBhd, a new TVB channel, which starts in 2008. Read the news here.

Kit also just finished translating the Mingpao Weekly #2022 back in August. Browse back and read the complete translation. Or click HERE

[Many special thanks to Kit for taking time & helping on translation, your help is much appreciated. Please apologize for any grammatical mistakes as English isn’t the first language for both Kit and I. And forgive any awkward English grammars and translation due to my limited & self-taught Chinese. Thanks all of your continued support.]

2007.10.19 Idy Chan’s company recruits new ad’s model

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[Sina – translated by Kit] Idy Chan’s advertising company wanted to recruit a leading female for its ad shooting and when she came to Hunan earlier, she used the facility of the local media to help her find one. One of the candidates, Lina, who is highly recommended by her fans, shows great interests in the job since she likes Idy’s performances a lot. The media has sent her resume to Idy. Idy was happy when she heard that Lina was the winner of “Supergirl” 2006 and has high popularity in mainland. But since Idy is busy filming “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” right now and she is very tired from the 24/7 filming that she doesn’t has time to go through her CV [curriculum vitae] carefully. She promises she will take her into consideration.

[Good to see that Idy’s advertising company is still in business & seems to do well. Along with the family restaurant business in Shanghai, Idy and her family really know how to do their businesses, esp. in China market, which is very competitive.]

Sources: OL MingpaoWeekly / TaKungPao / WenWeiPo / TheSun / AppleDaily / Oriental / Singtao / CRI

Additional translation @ batgwa.com

The blessing ceremony for new TVB serial “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” took place yesterday with the attendance of Idy Chan Yuk Lin, Damian Lau Chung Yan, Joe Ma Tak Chung, Fala Chen, Aimee Chan Yan Mei, and many others. Unexpected to Joe, he’s arranged to sit in same row level with veterans Damian & Idy, the status is aloof. Damian, Idy and Joe were leading the ceremony wishing for smooth filming. Idy hasn’t fully recovered her voice from losing it the first day of filming, at which required her to use loud voice to scold people.

Due to her lost voice she didn’t want to accept interviews, but many reporters requested just for short chat with use of low voice. Asked if she’s not used to filming after a long break? “Why so? I’ve already lost my voice in the first day. Director arranged 3 scenes of me scolding people in loud voice. But I can continue working now, only have to do voice dubbing for my part when I recover my voice.” Why not seeking Western medicine doctors for faster recovery? “Western medicines will be just temporary solution not as a permanent cure, I rather continue to take Chinese medicines.” Does Damian knows any methods to help Idy? Damian said “The most important thing is she needs to rest, but we must film everyday, so there’s no methods.” Will this affect the filming progress for the series? In spite of Idy’s illness, Damian expressed that it hasn’t affect the filming progress, just that he and Idy must do the voice dubbing afterwards, hope she will soon recover her health is most important.

[Hm.. wonder how Idy’s character will be like that she scolds people? Idy must use up all her energy on those scenes in order to raise up her voice. I hope she gets back her voice & feel better soon. Take care Idy! Is your Chinese medicine treatment includes warm ginger/lemon/kumquat or any citrus drink with honey, use the honey from your Jade bees? Or just ask “Gor Yee” Andy Lau for his secret recipe of a special drink he makes to have clear voice for his concerts. Haha!]

on.cc專訊】 【18:04】2007年10月18日 陳玉蓮出席新劇《盜亦有道》開鏡拜神時,說話聲沙沙,她解釋因聲帶發炎,現時正服用中藥慢慢調理,不過她拍劇的第一場戲便要聲嘶力竭地破口大罵,笑言出師不利。
Caption: 陳玉蓮再拍電視劇,一開工便聲沙。 As soon as Idy Chan starts working, her voice gets hoarse.

Idy Chan Yuk Lin attended the blessing ceremony for the new series “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, spoke in hoarse voice, she explained because of the throat inflammation, she’s seeking treatment with Chinese medicine & slowly recuperate. But on the very first shooting, she’s already shown signs of losing voice, she smiling said that she started off the series on the wrong foot.

[OL MingPao] The news report is mainly about Hacken Lee but Idy Chan‘s mentioned & of course the photo with her in it.

Hacken was originally approached by TVB producer Lee Tim Shing to play Kwok Jing in the LOCH 1994 version, which actually played by Chilam Cheung and Athena Chu. But upon trying on the costumes, he didn’t like how he looked & turned down the role right away. Hacken also said he’s a true Jin Yong fan that he read all of his novels, & some even seen 3 or 4 times.

[This is totally new to me that Hacken was considered to play Kwok Jing. I’m glad he turned down the role because he isn’t that tall & doesn’t have much “masculine” look to be Kwok Jing. Even though Chilam is too cute to be Kwok Jing but he delivered the role well. Look at how both Jackie & Idy grinning ear to ear watching Hacken gave 90-degree bow to Jin Yong. Another great photo of all my fav stars.]

Sources: WenWeiPocover / SINA / AppleDaily@ActioNews
The Global Chinese Martial Arts [GCMA] Presentation Ceremony was held last night in Shenzhen, many awards were presented to artists & the night was bright with stars including Jackie Chan 成龍, Jin Yong 金庸 , Jade Leung 梁琤, Julian “Chilam” Cheung 張智霖, Idy Chan 陳玉蓮, Stanley Tong 唐季禮, Hacken Lee 李克勤, Patty Hou 侯佩岑, Vanness Ng 吳建豪, and many others.

Jin Yong was presented “GCMA Prestige Grand Prize”, Jackie Chan received “GCMA Influence Grand Prize”. Jackie solemnly said “Chinese Martial Arts culture continues to reach out to the world, & continue in Chinese people, not only he’s well-known by foreigners, I’m honored to present this to the idol, he’s the pride in Chinese people – Jin Yong Master!” The whole audience immediately stood up & applauded, Jin Yong slowly rose from the dragon chair, Jackie gave an 90-degree bow and presented the award to him. Mr Jin Yong received the award & happily said “Thanks very much to all of you”. Then Jin Yong’s personal favorite “Siu Lung Lui” Idy Chan was invited up the stage to offer flowers to him. Following Hacken Lee started singing theme songs of TV/movie adaptations “Heaven Swords & Dragon Sabre”, “Breadth and Depth of Mountains and Waters” [TVB 1982 The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils], “A Laugh at the World” [Swordman or Smiling Proud Wanderer] in order to pay homage to Jin Yong.

[What a pity that there’s no photos of just Idy herself in this event. But it’s nice to see many stars showed up, esp. my fav Kwok Jing & Wong Yung pair Chilam and Athena. It’s funny that TheSun captioned their photo as “Chilam & Athena Chu Yan arrived together held hands, not afraid of wife gets bitterly jealous”.]

Sources: Oriental / TheSun / AppleDaily / Headline / Singtao
Yesterday “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” cast & crew have outside scenes filming at Olympian City. Earlier Idy Chan Yuk Lin told that she wouldn’t act intimacy, scenes, Damian Lau Chung Yan laughing said “There’s way to make her act, if the script required, I believe we can discuss.”

Idy smiling responded to Damian’s leeway in making her playing intimacy “I don’t have professional principles, and I’m not a good actor, come out to act & testing the luck.” (Do you feel disappointed in Damian?) “Can’t say so. No need to feel disappointed. I’m in resistance on acting intimate scenes. Most of the time people making the rules, but also there’s others to drop them. Not necessary that one must coincide with 10 rules in order to be a good actor. Actually each actor has their own way, why has to go with rules by others, I have my own thoughts & ideas.”
Caption: Cheng Tse Sing plays Idy’s husband in the series, though having extramarital affair they end up getting divorced. Damian & Idy have different opinions but when working there’s talks & laughs, happy cooperation.

[I might not translate things correctly, but I feel that Idy seems to respond to the media with vague & confused statements. I hope there’s NO serious conflicts between them, Idy & Damian. Let’s hope for a really “happy cooperation” between them!!! Cheng Tse Sing may not look attractive & often plays “bad” persons on TV, yet he plays “good” guys in many RTHK radio dramas. He does have a very nice, warm voice as I listen to his RTHK program “音樂情人 Music Lover” for an hour M-F ]

Side Note: I happened to stump upon this blog entry with a photo of Idy [back in July] holding the small banner in protest against the demolition of Hong Hong historical landmark, Queen’s Pier. Read more information & battles between HK government & citizens here.

2007.10.10 Idy Chan’s rehearsal made into official shooting

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on.cc專訊】 【15:53】2007年10月10日 陳玉蓮繼續抱恙為《盜亦有道》拍外景,期間與拍檔劉松仁有說有笑。對於松哥稱讚她的演技未生疏,很快便進入狀態,蓮妹反讚松哥帶她入戲帶得好,正式拍攝時都當作是排練,令她心情輕鬆容易拍出好效果。
Caption: 陳玉蓮以採排的心情來拍戲,令她更易投入角色。Idy Chan Yuk Lin made herself in the mood to engage the role easily.

Idy Chan continues to shoot outdoor scenes for “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, at times she & Damian Lau Chung Yan merrily engaged with talks & laughs. Even though her acting is not yet becoming sharp, but Idy quickly entered the mood. Idy lets Damian leading her into the character. The official shooting is treated as rehearsal so Idy can easily engage into the role to bring out the good outcome.

on.cc專訊】 【15:53】2007年10月10日 劉松仁與14年沒有拍劇的陳玉蓮在商場拍攝新劇《盜亦有道》,他盛讚蓮妹演技未生疏,NG重拍的次數也不多,相信對方事前一定做足準備。對於蓮妹曾表示有「三不拍」,松哥也笑言自己有「三不拍」,就是冇錢、冇時間、冇好製作都不會接拍!
Caption: 劉松仁大讚陳玉蓮愈來愈入戲。Damian praised Idy for improvement in the play.

Damian praised Idy, who hadn’t acted for 14 years, on her performance, & there isn’t many outtakes [NGs]. He believes that Idy has well prepared. In response to Idy’s claim of “three NOs”, Damian said he has his own “three NOs” too, that is No Fee, No Time, & No good production, he won’t act!

[Looks like Damian & Idy are having good times in filming this series. They both look really young for their ages in these photos. I hope they will have more outdoor scenes for this series than the studio ones.]

[Oriental / TheSun] Yesterday Idy Chan Yuk Lin & Fala Chen had an outdoor scene for “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” in Tsim Sha Tsui. Many passers-by were interested in seeing Idy, while many young men showed approval of Fala’s “nice dress”. Two generations of beauties surely guaranteed the market.

After 4 hours of shooting at a noisy location with Cheng Tse Sing the day early, Idy almost lost her voice & showed signs of having a cold. She thought producer would give her a couple days to rest, but the shooting quickly resumed yesterday. Idy said “The other day bumping into Liu Kai Chi, he advised me mentally prepared for laborious work, but for now I can deal with it. (Did this ever cross your mind things would be like this?) “There’s no original storyline, must read from the scripts, I never experienced this, quite strange, perhaps it’s the trend.”

Though Idy quickly adapts to acting again, probably with good relations with the crew & their encouragement. She even had a jump up to a foot high, & applauded by the staff that she’s not really old, making Idy didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. As for the new Fala, Idy commented “She’s quite initiative, hearing me asking questions on costumes, she gives me advices, very helpful hands.”

In the series, Idy & Fala will be playing a pair of good friends, but Fala on the first day of shooting showed a little anxious “She’s senior, I’m a little nervous. She’s really pretty & has good skin. I asked her about beauty tips at break time. She actually didn’t put on makeup for many years & only used water to wash her face.” Asked if Fala’s afraid that “senior” Idy would steal “the scene”, Fala said “No, she’s very natural in front of the camera, she’s really gentle.”

[I’m glad to see the media seem to cover the filming process of this series. I admire & envy people with good skin either by beauty secrets or genetically & I believe the latter plays the major part in having clear skin. Sadly I inherit bad genes. Good thing that Idy is playing Fala’s friend instead of the aunt or the mom! ha! It’d be totally major if I get to see Idy’s filming outdoor scenes when I vacation in Hong Kong next month, argh probably filming is done by then? Just a wishful thought!]