[OL MingPao] The news report is mainly about Hacken Lee but Idy Chan‘s mentioned & of course the photo with her in it.

Hacken was originally approached by TVB producer Lee Tim Shing to play Kwok Jing in the LOCH 1994 version, which actually played by Chilam Cheung and Athena Chu. But upon trying on the costumes, he didn’t like how he looked & turned down the role right away. Hacken also said he’s a true Jin Yong fan that he read all of his novels, & some even seen 3 or 4 times.

[This is totally new to me that Hacken was considered to play Kwok Jing. I’m glad he turned down the role because he isn’t that tall & doesn’t have much “masculine” look to be Kwok Jing. Even though Chilam is too cute to be Kwok Jing but he delivered the role well. Look at how both Jackie & Idy grinning ear to ear watching Hacken gave 90-degree bow to Jin Yong. Another great photo of all my fav stars.]