Sources: WenWeiPocover / SINA / AppleDaily@ActioNews
The Global Chinese Martial Arts [GCMA] Presentation Ceremony was held last night in Shenzhen, many awards were presented to artists & the night was bright with stars including Jackie Chan 成龍, Jin Yong 金庸 , Jade Leung 梁琤, Julian “Chilam” Cheung 張智霖, Idy Chan 陳玉蓮, Stanley Tong 唐季禮, Hacken Lee 李克勤, Patty Hou 侯佩岑, Vanness Ng 吳建豪, and many others.

Jin Yong was presented “GCMA Prestige Grand Prize”, Jackie Chan received “GCMA Influence Grand Prize”. Jackie solemnly said “Chinese Martial Arts culture continues to reach out to the world, & continue in Chinese people, not only he’s well-known by foreigners, I’m honored to present this to the idol, he’s the pride in Chinese people – Jin Yong Master!” The whole audience immediately stood up & applauded, Jin Yong slowly rose from the dragon chair, Jackie gave an 90-degree bow and presented the award to him. Mr Jin Yong received the award & happily said “Thanks very much to all of you”. Then Jin Yong’s personal favorite “Siu Lung Lui” Idy Chan was invited up the stage to offer flowers to him. Following Hacken Lee started singing theme songs of TV/movie adaptations “Heaven Swords & Dragon Sabre”, “Breadth and Depth of Mountains and Waters” [TVB 1982 The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils], “A Laugh at the World” [Swordman or Smiling Proud Wanderer] in order to pay homage to Jin Yong.

[What a pity that there’s no photos of just Idy herself in this event. But it’s nice to see many stars showed up, esp. my fav Kwok Jing & Wong Yung pair Chilam and Athena. It’s funny that TheSun captioned their photo as “Chilam & Athena Chu Yan arrived together held hands, not afraid of wife gets bitterly jealous”.]

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    October 13th, 2007 at 12:51 PM

    wow, we finally see Siu Lung Lui and Jin Yong again. wat a great reunion ^__^

    Idy’s outfit looks kinda interesting ^__^