2007.10.22 Updates…

October 22, 2007 at 16:25

[The Sun E+] Silent body language wins over sound dialogues. Idy Chan is definitely not an old person, but the way Fala Chen as if helping a senior and could imply as “I respect you, support you, it’s not because you can walk straight.”

“Thieves With Principles (lit.)” will be one of the first serials aired on TVBhd, a new TVB channel, which starts in 2008. Read the news here.

Kit also just finished translating the Mingpao Weekly #2022 back in August. Browse back and read the complete translation. Or click HERE

[Many special thanks to Kit for taking time & helping on translation, your help is much appreciated. Please apologize for any grammatical mistakes as English isn’t the first language for both Kit and I. And forgive any awkward English grammars and translation due to my limited & self-taught Chinese. Thanks all of your continued support.]