“Apprentice Chef” Epi. 16 aired on TVB Jade May 12 @ 7pm HKT
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陳玉蓮內地做義工馬不停蹄 (娛樂) 2010-04-20 (17:10)

Steven Ma invited his idol, Idy Chan, as guest on a TVB variety show “Apprentice Chef”, which he also hosts.
[by R.E.D @asianvn.com] Idy Chan appeared in Steven Ma’s “Apprentice Chef” as a special guest the other day. Steven disclosed that his heart beat became faster and he almost fainted when he saw her. Steven revealed that when he was small, he loved to watch “Condor Heroes”. Idy’s role as “auntie” (姑姑) still made an impact in his heart. He used to dressed up as “Yang Guo” (楊過). A few years ago, he met Idy through a friend. When he saw her, he couldn’t breathe, his heart beat increased and he almost fainted.

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【19:34】2009年07月05日 【on.cc專訊】 陳玉蓮出席好友肥媽的家庭用品店「肥媽店」開張活動,透露希望復出拍攝古裝動作片,因古裝動作片的世界中,鏡頭下拍攝得很優美,故希望所有動作電影的導演可以找她演出。問到會否希望與周潤發合作,她說對方希望的話自己也希望。

Idy Chan, 草蜢 Grasshopper trio, Wong Ka Keung, Chan Chi Keung, Soler brothers, EO2, and etc. come to show support for their friend Maria Cordero, who just opens a household goods store in Tseung Kwan O, and plans to expand up to 20 stores in next 3 to 5 months. Idy and Maria have known each other for many years, asked if she has any interest in doing business? She said there’s restaurant business in Shanghai, and already have many locations, and mostly managed by family members. She used to go Shanghai and helped out too, but in recent years, she’s been practicing self-cultivation. She’s responsible for the designs and uniforms for employees. She said there’s an offer for her to do a costume drama, but she had to return to Canada. And lately many mainland productions have roles for her. Asking on if she’s asking for high fees? Idy said, “No, now acting for me is not about money.” She wishes to make an action costume drama, not afraid of hard work, and hopes that action actors and directors will appreciate her skills.

Asked if she has ever thought of working with Chow Yun Fat, she said “We never actually worked together at all. If he wishes to cooperate, then I could also wish the same”.

Hi5 Video: Star Meeting – Idy Chan

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星級到會 — 陳玉蓮 2009/06/18 10:55

The airing of Idy Chan’s interview @ CableTV Maria Kitchen’s Star Meeting: first 23 minutes of the 45-minute episode [related]

Idy Chan @ CableTV “Maria’s Kitchen”

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【18:13】2009年06月13日 【on.cc專訊】 陳玉蓮接受《肥媽私房菜》訪問,肥媽問她的人生觀如此脫俗,是否與當年周潤發的一段情有關,她沉默了良久後說:「如果有人在我生命上對我有威脅,我會作出抉擇,離開佢。」她又指當年當有記者問到發哥的戀情,她都會即時收口,因不想自己受到傷害。

Maria Cordero‘s show “Maria’s Kitchen” has a new segment called “Meeting with the Star”, and the star for the first episode is Idy Chan. Maria asked that Idy’s current lifestyle has changed significantly and if it has to do with her relationship with Chow Yun Fat during their dating? Idy gave a long silent and finally said “If there’s someone was a threat to my life, I’d decide to leave them”. She also explained that back in those years, if reporters asked about her relationship with Chow, she’d just shut up because didn’t want to hurt herself.

On her failed marriage with Peter Chan Siu-Moo, Idy explained “Actually, right after the very first year of the marriage, I already realized that there’s no way I can be with him the rest of my life. But I tried and gave my best, eventually it lasted for 10 years.” She also mentioned that there’s several years she was living in seclusion and didn’t allow her siblings to tell her father where she was. That her father once thought she was dead, now she’s feeling guilty to make her elderly father worry.

Hi5 Video: Idy Chan @ TVB “Home Brewed” Epi. 5

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2009.05.31 Home Brewed 香港獨家 Epi. 5
Download Links: TVBoxNow or Home of HK Dramas

Selected segments with Idy ~ 6 minutes (of the 20-minute episode)

Thanks to Ah Sam for the stills.

Hi5 Video: TVB “Once A Fishing Village…”

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[related] Thanks TVBoxNow for sharing download links for the entire series of 《掌故王》

Yuk Bau Team: Idy Chan & Mak Cheung Ching
Suet Kwok Team: Michelle Yim & Kenneth Ma

2009.05.14: Episode 34 End Congratulations to Yuk Bau Team!

2009.05.13: Episode 33

2009.05.12: Episode 32 (second half)

Hi5 Video: Idy Chan @ TVB “Outsmart” Epi. 10

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[related] Aired on March 27th.

Congratulations to Wisdom Team: Idy Chan and Lawrence Ng Wai Kwok on winning the bonus prize of HK$78,525 [~ US$10,000]

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Idy Chan along with Michelle Yim, Kenneth Ma, and Mak Cheung Ching appeared for the taping of the next episode of TVB variety game show “Once a Fishing Village”. The 20-minute program which hosted by veteran actor Ha Yu, that tests the contestants on the history of Hong Kong. “Once” has 30 episodes and been running since March 30.

2009.03.10 Idy Chan shares investment tips

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【18:23】2009年03月10日 【on.cc 專訊】 陳玉蓮為好友嘟嘟(鄭裕玲)主持的《財智達人》節目任嘉賓,被問可有投資心得,她笑說:「我投資梗係得啦!就係因為冇投資,所以冇損傷,(點保值?)就咁 放在銀行,例如我有十蚊,依家都仲有十蚊,如果投資可能賺到一百蚊,但可能會冇晒!(嘟嘟蝕好多?)佢好叻,好快賺番!」



Idy Chan as one of the special guests on good friend Carol “Dodo” Cheng’s new show “Outsmart” which focuses on financial advices and stock investment. Idy expressed that she doesn’t really invest by buying stock, but instead of savings “If I have 10 bucks, it’s still 10 bucks in my savings, by investing I’d make 100, but possible that it’d also be dried out too” (Dodo has lost of some money?) “She’s smart, she’ll gain back very soon”

Other guests are Patrick Dunn, Ella Koon, and Lawrence Ng. This episode is the last one the 10-episode series of the show, which will be aired on March 27th.