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【18:23】2009年03月10日 【 專訊】 陳玉蓮為好友嘟嘟(鄭裕玲)主持的《財智達人》節目任嘉賓,被問可有投資心得,她笑說:「我投資梗係得啦!就係因為冇投資,所以冇損傷,(點保值?)就咁 放在銀行,例如我有十蚊,依家都仲有十蚊,如果投資可能賺到一百蚊,但可能會冇晒!(嘟嘟蝕好多?)佢好叻,好快賺番!」



Idy Chan as one of the special guests on good friend Carol “Dodo” Cheng’s new show “Outsmart” which focuses on financial advices and stock investment. Idy expressed that she doesn’t really invest by buying stock, but instead of savings “If I have 10 bucks, it’s still 10 bucks in my savings, by investing I’d make 100, but possible that it’d also be dried out too” (Dodo has lost of some money?) “She’s smart, she’ll gain back very soon”

Other guests are Patrick Dunn, Ella Koon, and Lawrence Ng. This episode is the last one the 10-episode series of the show, which will be aired on March 27th.