2009 March 25 Happy Birthday to Miss Chan

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3/27 UPDATE: Thanks Hu Yi & JC @ diezi.net for sharing the videos of Idy’s greetings to fans all over world on March 25.
[flv:http://news.chanyuklinonline.com/2009/0321_24_25fans/idy_wishes_fans.flv 500 300]
Thanks to the fans at diezi.net, especially to Hu Yi, JC, Niuniu, etc. for sharing the photos & phone dialogues with Idy at the gathering for her birthday on March 21b, and 24 in Shenzhen.

~with Love from CYLO:

Idy Chan @ exclusive photos by fans

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Thanks Hu Yi & other fans at diezi.net for sharing these photos & their stories meeting up with Idy in Shenzhen on March 7-8

SMW Entertainment #299 Report: Idy Chan

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2009.03.16 Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly: #299 [via MingPao / Sohu / YNet /

Thanks Hu Yi for sharing her photo taken on March 7, which Idy went for SMW interview (l-r): Hugo Ng (吴岱融), Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), [?] and Idy

2009.03.16 Idy Chan shows hard work for charity, praising Chow Yun-Fat

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Sources: RedNet / AppleDaily /
Idy Chan and several friends led the charity mission to Sichuan and spent over 2 months helping the children in many areas affected by the earthquake like Beichuan, Dujiang and Mianyang. Earlier Idy said “We went to many poor places that in need a lot of help, and it’s really fate that we were able to raise money to buy books for the children to study, if there’s a child gifted in acting, I really can help him to enter the showbiz”

Idy expressed concerns that many of the earthquake victims still haven’t yet received the aide with the amount of 250 CNY [~36 USD] per person as promised by the government.

Chow Yun-Fat recently has released a book of photographs for sales and the proceeds will be donated directly to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, “If he invites me [to the photo exhibition], I would go, I believe everyone has their own ways to help, doesn’t matter if giving money if one can afford, or sharing the work if can do.” (Appreciating his work?) “I’ve always appreciated him, he’s good person and nice to everyone. I remember back in the TV days, he’d treat colleagues to meals.”

And to elaborate on the earlier report: Muddy roads and rainy conditions didn’t stop Idy go to Lueyang to check in with the children and the plans to help them. Idy and friends have planned out to sponsor about 8 children from the age of 8-18 years old with their joint contributions. Idy even had to introduce herself to the children “Do you know who I am?” “Yes, you’re Little Dragon Girl auntie”, the children answered in unison.

Check out the photos taken by fans @diezi.net

2009.03.10 Idy Chan shares investment tips

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Sources: MingPaoWeekly / TaKungPao / WenWeiPo / Oriental / TheSun / AppleDaily / Headline / SingPao / SingTao /
【18:23】2009年03月10日 【on.cc 專訊】 陳玉蓮為好友嘟嘟(鄭裕玲)主持的《財智達人》節目任嘉賓,被問可有投資心得,她笑說:「我投資梗係得啦!就係因為冇投資,所以冇損傷,(點保值?)就咁 放在銀行,例如我有十蚊,依家都仲有十蚊,如果投資可能賺到一百蚊,但可能會冇晒!(嘟嘟蝕好多?)佢好叻,好快賺番!」



Idy Chan as one of the special guests on good friend Carol “Dodo” Cheng’s new show “Outsmart” which focuses on financial advices and stock investment. Idy expressed that she doesn’t really invest by buying stock, but instead of savings “If I have 10 bucks, it’s still 10 bucks in my savings, by investing I’d make 100, but possible that it’d also be dried out too” (Dodo has lost of some money?) “She’s smart, she’ll gain back very soon”

Other guests are Patrick Dunn, Ella Koon, and Lawrence Ng. This episode is the last one the 10-episode series of the show, which will be aired on March 27th.

2009.03.06 Idy Chan @ Lee Hong Kum & friends get-together

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Source: Singpao [@cylo] / EastWeek /
Twice a year, veteran actress Lee Hong Kum (Kum Je) would organize a get-together with friends and colleagues in the circle to meet up and enjoy each other company. Just back to Hong Kong from her Spring’s Festival performance with fellow actor Tam Bing Man for Chinese people in Los Angeles, Calif. US, yesterday, Kum Je met up with many of her usual old friends like Connie Chan, Yu Mo Lin, and many more. This time, the “Enjoy Yourself Tonight EYT” friends were also invited, Idy Chan and Sandra Ng gave Kum Je a good surprise with their attendance, which made her very happy. Can you ID who is who in the photo?

2009.03.05 Idy Chan @ RTHK “Brilliant Life”

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Sources: RTHK2 / Tungstar / Tom / Headline / WenWeiPo /

RTHK5 launched the new radio show “Brilliant Life 光輝歲月” hosted by Bandia Lo (盧世昌) and Serina Ha (夏妙然). The show made specially for people over 50, which will provide in-depth interview with celebrities in sub-themes “My Brillant Life”, “Golden Oldies”, “Precious Moment with You” and “Life enjoyment” etc. Over 20 guests were invited for the press conference opening ceremony yesterday [4th] from veterans to new rising stars like musician Liu Jia Chang (劉家昌), Nina Paw HC (鮑起靜), Eva Lai YS (黎燕珊), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), Idy Chan (陳玉蓮), Canti Lau SM (劉錫明), Steven Ma CW (馬浚偉), Jade Kwan (關心妍), Alex Fong LS (方力申), Theresa Fu (傅穎), William Chan WT (陳偉霆), etc… Reported that during the whole function, Idy spent a lot time on taking photos and talking to photographer master Alain Yip (葉青霖) seeking his advice on photography. The new radio show kicks off tomorrow Mar 6th and will run on weekdays from 4-6pm HKT.

[It’s always nice to read Idy in the news and she still looks beautiful]