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Idy Chan @ LUAHK Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

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Source: LUAHK / HKET /

FORE GIRLS #1 via ISSUU – Aug 2013: Special Feature
The classic character of Xiaolongnu in the Hong Kong 80s TV series The Return of the Condor Heroes was made for Idy Chan. Her portrayal of this role made her a household name throughout Asia. Despite the cold exterior of the character, she was classy, elegant and feisty and played to perfection by Idy and the critics just loved her. While Idy Chan is no longer in the showbiz limelight, she has still been very active diverting her energy into charitable causes in remote regions of China, trying to help others less fortunate in the spirit of humanity.

When asked why she became a volunteer worker, she was quick to point out that, actually, she as an organizer rather than a volunteer. A volunteer is someone who joins an organization to help others where as she organizes and manages charity projects allowing her to personally choose the direction in which to help others.

She believed that helping others was an important cause and one should do so with conviction rather just for the sake of it. In 2008, while organizing a charity event, friends suggested her that she should set up schools in these remote regions to provide that local children with access to education. What seemed like a logical step was not the appropriate one as she witnessed many schools had been built by others but the demand was not there, simply because there were not enough children to fill the schools. So, now with the benefit of hindsight, Idy will assess the needs of the region to establish what will really make a difference to their lives. Idy has managed to successfully continue doing charity work by benefiting from the people she surrounds herself with, people who can see potential in and hence will support and sponsor them so that they can fulfill their potential.

Under the tutelage of her mentor, she explains, she has changed a great deal and her experience in this field of work has led her to respect those who do this for living even more. She recognized this work to be both mentally and physically tiring and in order to help others, you first help yourself. Over the years she has seen much hardship while on her travels and now looks at life in a very different perspective.

One important lesson learnt is that after speaking with people from these remote areas and hearing their daily struggles and hardship, it is important to project a positive outlook, only then you can truly help them.

Idy has spent much time studying theology and psychology in an effort to improve herself, particularly for her work. With greater understanding of herself and life, she feels she can make a greater impact on the lives of those she is trying to help.

Idy came from humble beginnings in a district called Tiu Leng Keng in Hong Kong and took her first step into the entertainment industry at the tender age of sixteen when she enrolled in a school for performing arts. Her ambition was never to become a major star but simply to gain experience. As fate would have it, she was very lucky from an early stage and given many opportunities. Despite the success of her signature role of Xiaolongnu, she is proudest of her role in another lesser-known TV series that showed her range and tested her as an actress yet gave her less recognition.

Having let the industry for many years, she has been very much forgotten by the general public. To help her charity work, she often takes a picture of herself with the still prominent and famous Hong Kong superstar and former co-star Andy Lau to remind people of her past acting career. Most recently, Idy has stepped back in the limelight to once again increase her profile and boost support for her charity work.

Her charity work has been considered a success. However, Idy believes there is always room for improvement and one should never be too easily satisfied. You must always strive to better yourself and over achieve, only then can you truly excel in what you do. It is her persistence and support from her family that has kept her driven throughout the years but she recognizes the need to have realistic goals and not to dwell on the unachievable, otherwise you just end up achieving nothing in the end. Luckily for Idy, this has not happened and she continues today as she has done so many years ago with the same drive and spirit.

名媛望族 SSSS – a deleted scene

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Source: MingPao /

This animated image created by a fan on Weibo and caught Damian Lau’s attention.

He lamented “It’s really a pity this scene got cut, aching heart” and even hash-tagged the producer, director (?), and “wives” Mary Hon and Elena Kong

He then shared “Luckily the image saved this feeling with Idy

[Full English translation via JayneStars / Vietnamese translation via DamianLauVN]

Source: MPW #2297 via iHKTV / AppleTW /

The drama has been well-received by viewers in Mainland since it’s aired and ranked among the top favorite dramas by netizens. They also wish to have Damian Lau’s and Idy Chan’s characters ended together. However producer Waikin Chong explained “The drama already filmed with satisfactory ending, no need to film another finale.” Many TV stations already purchased syndication rights for the drama. [Vietnamese translation via DamianLauVN]

Source: SharpDaily2 / MPW #2295 via iHKTV [English translation via JayneStars] / 3Weekly #682 /
Producer Chong Wai-Kin revealed that deleted scenes for SSSS would add up to about 4 episodes. Also, the fates of 4 wives already spoiled.

Sources: MPW #2293 [iHKTV] /

There’s 2 live promotion events for “Silver…” 《名媛望族》, one already happened on the 15th of this month, but Idy can’t attend on both. Director Chong Waikin explained “Nothing much we can do, Idy could only attend the Anniversary Lighting, because of her work obligation in mainland China, she needs to go back there, quite sad, so she’s put the burden of promotion work on Damian Lau and Tavia Yeung.”

Note: The 2nd function will happen today

Sources: MPW #2289 [TVBChannel] / Apple2 / MingPao /
At the interview for TVB program “Best Actor” 《最佳男主角》 hosted by Luisa Maria Leitão 黎芷珊 this week featuring Tony Leung 梁朝偉, Anthony Wong 黃秋生, and Andy Lau 劉德華. Once again, Andy answered on his relationship with female artists in the circle like Anita Mui 梅艷芳, Rosamund Kwan 關之琳, and Idy Chan 陳玉蓮. He said “I did tell Idy my feelings, but she simply just gave me a smile.” Later he gave up knowing Idy was dating Chow Yun Fat 周潤發. “She could have been my girlfriend” he expressed. [Also read at JayneStars]

Sources: Dayoo / YWCB / NFDaily /
In the afternoon on Sep 22nd after just returning from Tibet, Idy Chan immediately rushed to a cosmetic center in Guangzhou. As it’s already winter in Tibet, and still wearing a thick leather jacket, she had no time to take it off to get ready for the grand opening of “Meien Medical Aesthetic Hospital of Guangzhou”. At the event, Idy was quite interactive with the fans on answering questions about beauty, however the focus of the talk was about the girl name Hua Yanwen whose face was genetically masked with big “mole” on 2/3 of a cheek and often bullied by peers. After the ceremony, the “Love Clinic” established and the manager together with Idy presented the girl $10,000RMB and free of charge for her first treatment at the center.

Idy also briefly mentioned her role in the upcoming “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” 名媛望族 “The character is quite resentful, just reading the scripts alone made me want to cry, and there’s crying in almost every scene.”

It’s believed that Andy has agreed to film a drama for TVB with Eric Tsang’s 曾志偉 pursue, and it seems that Chow is also in the talk to film for TVB also. It’d be great if Idy be part of these dramas as a guest cameo. In the meanwhile, I’m impatiently waiting for the airing of “Silver…”

Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly 2012 #21 History: Idy Chan

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Terry Leung, former senior reporter for MingPao Weekly, who is now working for HK Radio CR1, shared a photo dining with Idy the other night [6/1]. He indicates that he won’t be able to interview her until she will return, probably in October. [Wow… Idy is really committed to her charity mission in China]

Sources: MPW #2252 [TVBChannel]

OK, not sure what happened to the 2nd Madame on these first shooting scenes, but I can’t help having to pull out the similar scene from the famous “The Grand Canal”. “Princess” will always be “princess” <3