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[21:16] 2012/12/12 【 東方互動 專訊】 網友真眼利!昨晚台慶劇《名媛望族》講述陳玉蓮離開劉松仁時,她手持的手袋仔竟然有個類似卡通人物史迪仔的圖案,唔通就連套懷舊劇都玩穿越時空?惹來網友討論,蓮妹戲中話晒演名媛,冇理由會用史迪仔手袋咁Cutie(可愛)!

Net citizens do have good eyes! They noted the handbag that Idy Chan was carrying with the cartoon character “Stitch” in one of her last scenes, and generated comical discussion that the drama set in the old time and traveled through time. Producer Chong Waikin was contacted on the issue, he cleared with costume department that it was just a general design pattern, and nothing to do with the modern time cartoon [hahaha]

Idy didn’t attend the finale gathering party with other cast, there’s only a few replay of Idy’s scenes. Watch the special show via AzDrama or here. News report via JayneStars.

Yat Fai & Yee Yin MV (credits: 1659622553)