Episode 37 resumed and concluded Yee Yin’s (Idy Chan) left the mansion with few seconds of Yee Yin and Yat Fai (Ben Wong) in the car as Arthur (Damian Lau) looked on. Then he went to Yee Yin’s room and reminisced all those moments with her. The whole thing lasted in about 3 minutes, which is nothing compared to those long, annoying flashback scenes of Siu Yau and Muk Shui. There are 2 new scenes and one of them is Arthur attempted to kiss Yee Yin. Damian posted several messages regarding the scene. It’s still the cut version of the whole scene with 2 different kisses and the first one was success. The shown scene was Arthur’s second attempt but failed. How pitiful!

Anyway, I’m still not satisfied with the ending even after seeing a few extra scenes in Episode 37. Something is missing…

Fans shared photos of Idy taken yesterday in Chengchow. She watched Episode 36 together with them, and the fans noted how Idy lowered her head with tears in eyes when watching the scenes of 4 wives talking. According to Idy, she credited Damian for writing part of the scripts, and she cried when reading the scripts, so there was no outtakes.

Another fan relayed a message to Damian, and he posted “Idy, the drama will end, everyone is scattered, but we all miss you, just a day, why aren’t you back to Hong Kong, notice sent out in advance, we really want to get together. Damian”