Please apology for my writing here. My mind is a mess right now, but just wanted to rant some thoughts.

Why they ended Yee Yin (Idy Chan) so early while there’s still 4 episodes left to focus on characters that I have the least interest, esp. the trio, Charles (Kenneth Ma), Muk Shui (Ron Ng), and Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu), who I grow to dislike as the drama progressed. How many times they ran the flashback scenes between SY and MS with those dough figures, when they expressed their feelings for each other. Dull. Yawn. Why did they cut Yat Fai (Ben Wong)’s few small parts that could replace all those useless flashback screen time. OK, it’s because I interpret the possible deleted scenes based on photos posted on Why can’t they squeeze a couple minutes of Yat Fai looked out when Yee Yin walked to the car. Why can’t they show the short moment of Yat Fai and Yee Yin in the car before it drove away. Why can’t create a “real story” in the drama with the major characters riding the horses instead of shooting it for the opening theme. So what about Yee Yin’s mother and brother? They didn’t even care to say goodbye to Yee Yin?

For me, the most moving part of Yee Yin’s departure is not with Arthur (Damian Lau), but with the whole family. I actually cried with them as I watched. Yee Yin meant well and genuinely loved everyone in the family. I also loved the part where the 4 wives together how they actually respect and love each other as real sisters. Now, I finally understand all the posts on weibo earlier this year when they finished filming in Hong Kong. They talked about this very episode.

I might come up with some more later…

Weibo report: Episode 36 generated a lot of discussion and large number of weibo posts by fans, other cast members and even producer Chong Waikin. Here are posts from Mary Hon, Elena Kong and Ben Wong as small samples. Chong even gave a name for SSSS sequel.

A fan shared this photo taken with Idy just last week in Beijing.