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【15:46】2011年04月01日【 東方互動 專訊】 陳玉蓮接受查小欣電台訪問,提到近年活躍於內地的慈善工作,她說:「由細到大經歷好多人離開,好似好朋友余綺霞、甚至我家姐咁,覺得人生無常。諗深一層,真係唔應該只係拍戲追求物質,應該做多少少有意義的工作。」她坦言未因過往婚姻失敗而不開心,她更收養三名內地少女,發揮大愛精神。


Idy Chan was at Commercial Radio for interview with Cha Siu Yan, talking about her charity work in recent years in Mainland. Idy shared her philosophy “Life is impermanent, everyone around you will eventually leave, from my best friend Dorothy Yu to my oldest sister, instead of just shooting films and materialistic desires, I should do something meaningful for life”. Idy also admitted of being unhappy about her failed marriage, but recently she has adopted 3 teenage daughters. They and other practitioners have made her life rich and joyful, and Idy wants to continue to spread the love to others.