Taiwan Mingpao Weekly #27 Idy Chan forever Little Dragon Girl

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Aaron Kwok held his “De Show Reel” world tour concert series in Taiwan from Dec 12-14. Idy Chan was one of the many artists and other multi-entertainers came to show their support for the Heavenly King.  Idy said “Aaron is a very hard working artist, and I came to see his shows because I can’t dance but he can dance beautifully.” Read more here.

[It’s quite a coincidence that both of my most favorite stars Idy Chan & Aaron Kwok are in Taiwan, and that she went to see his concert. This is just so neat! I’m sure Idy enjoyed the show much more than I did when I was at his shows in HK last year, blamed the jet lag, even I was in same restaurant with him…]

Idy Chan to play “Third Mistress” in the new remake of “Red Lanterns Hanging High”

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Taiwan producer Xie Naibiao 謝迺彪 has obtained the copyright for the adaptation of Su Tong’s “Wives and Concubines” or better known as “Raise the Red Lantern” or “Red Lanterns Hanging High” (RLHH). The rumor that Idy Chan is invited to play the Third Mistress. Idy expressed great interest in the role.

“RLHH” was once created into a movie by acclaimed director Zhang Yimou with the leading lady Gong Li. 16 years ago, director Xie created the TV version with the leading pair Idy Chan and Qin Feng. Earlier mainland TV has decided to do the remake and Xie was asked to be consultant. He then flew to Nanjing and signed the adaptation copyright contract for this Su Tong work.

If the Third Mistress is for Idy Chan to play, younger actor and actress must be needed for leading pair. The “First Wife” role is potentially played by Angie Chiu 趙雅芝, and mainland star Jiang Wenli 蔣雯麗 will be taking the “Second Mistress” role. As for the boyish looking Qin Feng, will he promoted to play the “Master”? Qin Feng joked “Idy Chan even changes to play Third Mistress now, why I cannot be The Master?”

Xie had been working with Idy in HK and Taiwan in the past, last year he went to Canada to convince Idy to resurface, and intended to have her in “Pledging of the Wind (lit.) 風中的承諾” TV series, and Idy’s role would be Big Triad Sister. However, the plan failed because China Broadcasting Bureau denied the “black theme”, so this time they can cooperate again with the remake of “RLHH”.

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Idy Chan refused to talk about the rumors that she has won the lottery twice of about 400 million CNY [~58 million USD] “This is not to discuss”. Curiosity of Taiwan lottery is also in the play, with the belief in Buddhism, she responded “The impossible can become possible.”

As the world is in the economic turmoil, Idy shared “Perhaps, I’m especially being blessed, I initially gave some of my investment money to my brother & sister for family restaurant, and now they’re mainly providing me.”

Idy Chan presently owns 6 diners in Shanghai, acting as dummy director, and she’s living a simple modest life. “Believe it or not? I didn’t use any skin care products in 4 years, until recently, but I actually use salad oil to apply, they’re really effective.”

This time Idy hopes to make a Buddhist doctrine and spreading the teaching to young people, and in order to look good in the film, she wants to get thinner.

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Idy Chan along with Joe Ma were in Taipei yesterday [Dec 8th] to promote the showing to “Catch Me Now” on Taiwan’s TVBS-G. Living up to her “Little Dragon Girl or SLL” nickname, Idy appeared simple and beautiful still, she acknowledged to Jin Yong’s comment on how she’s similar to SLL the most, that she’s active in helping the elders, mentally disordered children, martial arts excercising, mediation, living in seclusion, and volunteering in many charity organizations throughout US, Canada, and China. She even spent a month in Sichuan for Earthquake victims.

Joe Ma expressed “Seeing her is like a child seeing his teacher, I’m very honored to work with her.” Since Idy is being called as “Lin Mui”, at first Joe planned to address her as “Lin Je” but he feared it’s like calling her “old”. Joe said “Later when I hear everyone else calls ‘Lin Mui’, I’m no longer afraid. ” Joe’s looking forward to enjoy the local good food while in Taiwan.

Idy also expressed that she wants to do a documentary on Buddhism.