2008.11.06 Idy Chan’s been in Sichuan helping Earthquake children

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Sources: Sina / XinHuaNet / Headline / 21CN / CNet / SingTao / CCTV / LueYang /
It’s now known that Idy Chan has been in Sichuan for a few weeks since October. Yesterday (Nov 5th), she accepted the local media interview “This time we came here strictly for voluntary work, help is needed everywhere, we have here for a more than half a month and have visited many earthquake affected areas like Beichuan, Jiangyou, Mianyang, etc. Constructing schools, transporting commodities, however, we’re short on money for other heavy work!” Idy said.

During the time of Sichuan earthquake, Idy was in Canada practicing spiritual mission with her mentor, she didn’t know about the catastrophic earthquake until the end of July “I didn’t access the internet, no TV, but after returning to Hong Kong and saw these children on the news, it’s just very sad!” Idy explained. In August, Idy wanted to follow the charity group come to Sichuan, but had to postpone the plan because of other reasons. Knowing one philanthropic institution is going to Sichuan in October, Idy had no hesitation and packed her bags along with 4 other compassionate figures.

With the work this time, Idy has been helping a child, she said “I don’t have any children, but I love kids”. She has been thinking of adopting the child, but it’d be better to be here and showing her interest of buying a home in Chengdu “I’ve realized that the housing in Chengdu is very attractive, the price is cheaper than in Hong Kong, so it’s now my plan.”

On if she’s regret returning to acting [TVB’s Catch Me Now] last year “I’m not regret. Each person must find a true destination to return to, I don’t feel that I belong to the show biz anymore, it was just a change of environment, no regrets.”
Idy gives silent response whenever asked on Chow Yun-Fat, she expressed that she’s now happy with her single life “I don’t need a companion, I don’t need romantic love, I have friends accompanying me, and that’s very substantial.”

[It’s nice to see an update on Idy, she’s truly an admirable person with a beautiful heart, though she looked tiring in this photo]