No new details except that Idy’s name mentioned in the following news sources: Oriental Daily /The Sun. Read Aug 16, ’07 News if you’re lost.

However, according to “HK Best 10 Scenics” homepage, Idy’s exploration to Ng Tung Chai is the 2nd episode of the series, and will be aired this Sunday August 26, 2007 on ATV. For HK resident fans, please tune in for this episode, in which Idy co-hosts along with Albert Au [who played the tutor Chun who fell in love with his female pupil, played by Cheung Tak-Lan, in ROCH1983]

PS. I bet many HK locals tuned in Stephen Chan’s Be My Guest in which Idy Chan was the guest aired on Aug 11, 2007 [read July 28, Aug 09, & Aug 12 news @ CYLO] The Sun’s E+ (dated Aug 21, 2007) featured an article in which the author (*) praised Idy’s courteousness and elegance when answering Stephen’s sensitive questions with catchy phrase 私底下告訴你 Tell you in secret.

(*) The author appears to be a very popular freelance writer/reporter/columnist/blogger in Hong Kong media. Click here for his official website.