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[Translated by Kit] Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 returned to the showbiz and has been busy shooting for TVB series “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” over a month. She said she was quite surprised by the late release of the scripts and that the situation was very bad indeed. Good thing is that Damian Lau 劉松仁 has taken good care of her and the two enjoyed the filming very much thus she didn’t have any regrets of coming back.

Idy and Damian shot outdoor at St. Stephen Bay a day before. It seemed that they hit it off quite well and often paid for each other’s coffee. Damian said jokingly, “Women are born to be treated well” so they were happy to be working together. When asked if Idy had gotten used of filming. She chuckled, “Till this moment, we always received the scripts on the set in the last minute. I haven’t thought the situation was this bad. We even don’t know what to shoot next so how can we act and link the scenes together? And it’s difficult for us to arrange the clothes in order to make the shots consistent. (Have you regretted of the return?) No. But just didn’t expect something like this.”

Vote for Lee Si Kei 李司棋 and Michelle Yim 米雪 in the TVB anniversary

Since the plot is not consistent there are at least 3 scenes needed re-shooting. Idy and Damian has often changed scripts to fit their roles. Had she spoken to the producer? Idy grinned, “I’d asked Damian if it was the working pattern nowadays and he just told me stop questioning. He did speak to the producer but now he would say nothing and just sits aside. Anyway, some movements & scripts are impossible to fulfill as required by the plot. But I don’t need to speak it out since Damian will do it for me so I feel comfortable.”

Idy will be showed up as a guest to present the award of “Most Favorite TV Female Character” in the coming TVB anniversary. She said she was not familiar to the current female’s artists so she will vote for Si Kei and Michelle.

[Thanks to Kit for the translation! Last-minute/on-the-fly scripts are probably a new trend in filming industry. Good to see that Damian is there to take care problems for Idy & they get along well. Haha, veterans like to work with veterans and happen to see more veteran faces these days in the news.

Ray Lui 呂良偉 appeared on Stephen Chan’s Be My Guest 志雲飯局 & expressed that he’s interested in working with veterans like Damian Lau, Ha Yu 夏雨, Lee Si Kei and Roger Kwok 郭晉安, read full news here. And it seems that Mrs. Micheal Miu 苗僑偉, Jamie Chik 戚美珍, would be officially returning to the showbiz anytime now, she’s working on some performance for The Return of Enjoy Yourself Tonight [EYT] 再會歡樂今宵, read more here.]

In a recent appearance on a Taiwanese TV program “KangXi Come”, Andy Lau once again reminisces the actresses whom he has worked with before, he indicated Idy Chan gives him the most unforgettable impression, Anita Mui was the most brotherly, Rosamund Kwan is the most beautiful, while Maggie Cheung is the most sexy. Watch @ Youtube.

News sources: Oriental Daily / The Sun

[Revisiting Be My Guest segment in which Idy talked about Andy with transcript in English translation @ andylaunews]

Another feature in today’s Oriental Daily recollects the classical roles of HK television. From Yeung Gor’s deep affection, Kwok Jing’s genuine honesty, Hui Man-Keung’s dashing gentleman… and by no means, these roles aren’t fading as the years go by with exception that each generation of actors develop the role’s originality. TV plays often root deep into the audience hearts. Yeung Gor Andy Lau and Siu Lung Lui [Little Dragon Girl] Idy Chan in ROCH are absolutely one of the most successful on-screen pair of lovers in [HK television] history. Yeung Gor’s young blood and rebellion along with Siu Lung Lui’s outer coolness yet warm hearted, Andy and Idy’s performance made them as the most original pair.

Mingpao Weekly #2022 A Cover Story: Idy Chan

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Idy Chan graced the cover of Book A of Mingpao Weekly #2022 (August 11, 2007) and the online version’s out today [Aug 24 ’07].

Please revisit news on Aug 12 ’07 @ CYLO.

[Translated by Kit] No more meeting Chow Yun Fat again
Idy Chan admitted being wooed from the same gender

SLL & YG had been separated from each other for 16 years long but in reality, Idy Chan quit acting for 14 years after filming her last TVB drama “Can’t Stop Loving You 愛到盡頭” in 1993 and only showed up in some charity activities occasionally. Rumors said that she had won a total HK$47 million lottery in 1995 & 1998 respectively, led her to a rich & carefree life. But there was also a saying that she was living in seclusion because of her enthusiasm in religion all these years.

At 17-year old, Idy Chan enrolled in the 6th TVB actors training class in 1977. Her love life had never been a pleasant one. First, she ended the 5 years bitter love relationship with Chow Yun Fat. Then married LA casino executive Peter Chan Siu Moo but their marriage only lasted 8 years. Later the media suspected her in a homosexual love for 11 years. Just in time Idy resumed starts filming again, she was interviewed in “Be My Guest 志雲飯局”. She talked openly about her past romance and also claimed she’s willing to be friend with Fat Chai but it’s just that they didn’t have chance to run into each other after the breakup.

Stephen Chan described Idy had isolated herself from the world all these years. But Idy said she was just ‘playing’ & ‘fooling around’. Apart from doing some volunteering works, she didn’t see her family members for 2 years. She said it was all because of the religious learning. Idy didn’t speak any further about the religion since she thought it was too much to tell in a one hour programme and she’s afraid the audience would wrongly take her meaning so she’d rather to talk about it in private.

S: Stephen Chan I: Idy Chan

S: what did you learn from your master?
I: Kungfu, qigong and mainly is Taoism theory…it’s about physical and mental training. (S: sounds very complicated) No, it’s not. I’d been secluded for 2 years, didn’t see my family and friends. I only stayed together with my master and senior sisters. (S: was it hard to adapt? Did you miss your family?) I got it well prepared since I’d discussed it with my family years ago. They understood me, though they were not accustomed to my sudden absence.

S: Now are you getting out of seclusion?
I: Haha, even now I’m just ‘work for nothing’. (S: Can you see your family members?) I’ll if my master tells me so. Actually except my father, no other family members are living in HK.

S: How do you live without working?
I: I have my family to support me and my master treats us well; she even took care of my livelihood.

S: I heard you’d won lottery twice. One was in Canada for HK$17 million and another time in HK 11 years ago for HK$30 million. Is it true?
I: haha…..I’ll answer you in private. (S: hey, at least you don’t deny). Just tell you in private.

Andy Lau is like a kid

Grew up in Tiu Keng Leng, Idy said her father had been a soldier who graduated from Whampao army school and followed Zang Jie Shi. He ran a meal-catering business in TKL which offer food for more than a hundred children. But he was in big debt since he had been borrowing money from the neighbors for a very long time. At that time Idy’s elder sister was working for an entertainment magazine ‘Sisters’, she recommended the 17-year old Idy, who still had not finished her high school, joined the showbiz in order to pay her parent’s debt.

S: Did you get the leading roles once you completed the training class?
I: Not really. I’d worked as extras for many years like corpses and palace maids but I thought it was funny. It earned me much money than my basic wages because it counted on each show time, the longer I made the more I earned so I could save up the money to pay the debt. I was willing to play as a corpse.

S: You landed the leading role in ROCH83’?
I: Yes. Back then people were longing to film lengthy drama. But I ‘d never gotten one before shooting ROCH; I’d only worked for one-episode drama. That’s why ROCH is unforgettable to me.

S: What do you think you are similar to SLL the most?
I: the silliness. Haha, I really think I’m silly. SLL always said nothing so I think she is silly too. I’m just like her.

S: Andy Lau said he was happy filming ROCH everyday coz he could see gugu. When you film, will you fall for your partner?
I: I’ll love my partner in my role. But I’ve a drawback when I act, I only put a small portion of me into the role and will detach from it very quick. It’s a paradox becoz if you detach too quick, you can’t love your partner in the drama even you really want to love him. (S: that’s why you fit the role of SLL) Right, my SLL was good but my other roles were really bad acting. Actually my acting skill is not good. (S: Had you ever fallen for your male partner when you were too absorbed in the role?) No, I thought I should not when I was dating someone.

S: If you were not taken, would you accept Andy Lau back then?
I: I don’t think I would since he was younger than me. In our times, girls only like those men who are older than us. In my mind Andy was just like a kid. He’s liked a ball of fire on the set. (S: he wasn’t mature enough?) No, it’s just I wanted someone mature to protect me and not the other way around.

Hot hunk Chow Yun Fat

S: How do you get to know Mr. Chow?
I: In TVB when I was acting as extras. I played a role as his secretary and usually secretaries will become friend with their bosses. (S: how’s it start?)
I really can’t remember. I forgot it completely. (S: was he romantic?) I didn’t know. Maybe I was very young at that time, only 17. But he is very nice to his family and friends.

S: Some old reports said apart from CYF, there were many rich guys wooing you. Why didn’t you choose any of them?
I: It’s not I didn’t choose but becoz I’d already had a boyfriend. I was just dull. (S: single minded) It’s the same thing. I think I’d be more flexible. I didn’t marry to him, even I did. I still can make a choice.

S: What’s in CYF that attracted you?
I: haha, I think I was dumb…he’s several years ahead of me. But perhaps he was tall so when he stood besides me, I thought he could protect me. I’ve always had a soft spot to this. I want to find someone who can protect me.

S: You broke up because he couldn’t protect you anymore?
I: No. In fact, there were so many other issues. (S: A third wheel?) I didn’t know about him but it was not the reason. (S: then what’s the main factor?) We were not perfect match to each other. (S: but you two had been dating for several years?) Right. What I meant is….we could not see each other so often since I only acted as corpses, so I’d always be free but he might be busy. Then I thought he couldn’t protect me.

S: Had you ever thought him as a good candidate of marriage?
I: Definitely yes and I even thought he must be the one. (S: then why separated?) Actually when I first met him, he didn’t get famous. It’s real. He was famed when we started dating. I remembered he was filming when we were dating and didn’t film , yet. Then he became very famous and we didn’t see each other much. (S: You initial a breakup?) Probably was. haha.

S: Did he feel sad?
I: You should ask him. But it’s strange that we didn’t meet each other after the break-up, not in the streets nor any places. (S: Can you be friend with him now?) Ok, sure ok since I’d already decided long ago we could be friend when we meet. It’s just that I didn’t know how to deal with it back then; I was not mature enough. Thinking back…it’s really weird that we’d never run into each other in any places, though I didn’t try to avoid anything. (S: is it something to do with fate?) Fate? Haha. I do believe one could make it happen and it’s just that you want it or not. Maybe neither of us has the heart.

S: some old reports said that he once tried to suicide, at your home. Is it true?
I: Hmm….I know…I was there….but I will answer you in private.
S: It happened while your break-up. Did you feel uncomfortable?
I: It’s not because of him. I think each person is an individual so if someone wants to hurt themselves or end their life. It’s their problem.

Cover up the relationship with black face

In end of 1982, 4 months after the suicide, Chow Yun Fat married Candice Yu on-on in light-speed while Idy also agreed to marry Peter Chan, whom they met in Sept 1982 and they married in 1984. The matchmaker was Lydia Shum.

I: Lydia took care of me so much. When she knew I’d broken up with Mr. Chow, she introduced me to some other guys as she thought I was a good girl and seldom had rumors.
S: So was it love at first sight?
I: Yes, that’s me. I’d settle down once I think he is the one. Actually, I was working in TVB for quite some time but I really didn’t think I fit in. I didn’t know how to manage human relationship. Back then I didn’t talk much as now. I came from country area so I feared a lot as being working in showbiz. I didn’t know what to say in proper so I’d always zipped my mouth. (S: black face?) Yes, I really kept a black face. Many reporters told me today that they really wanted to slap me in the old time. The truth was they always asked me about Chow Yun Fat but how could I reply? I didn’t know what to say but just made a black face.

S: Why can’t you answer?
I: No, I couldn’t. He’s promoting so how can I let out our relationship publicly? (S: he demanded it?) It’s the company. They told us to keep it low key and I had to agree in order to protect him.

S: Let’s talk about Mr. Peter Chan. You settled down in USA right after your wedding but then you quickly returned to HK. Was it hard to tie your marriage?
I: It was one of the problems. I really wanted to quit from the showbiz back then. But I knew I couldn’t when I reached there as I’d have to come back filming. My husband was working in a casino so he was related to the showbiz in some sort that’s why I came back working. (S: you two had agreement?) Actually we didn’t talk about this. It’s just natural thing that whenever there has job, I’d return. I’d been stayed in Taiwan filming for a very long time. (S: spending less time together?) Yes, it was.

S: It led to the divorce?
I: I really don’t know. Something really needed my reflection and so I could learn a lesson. But something doesn’t need nor worth for reflection.

S: Won’t you marry again?
I: Right. I’ve never thought I would remarry….actually it is so wrong with this answer. I didn’t do any reflection is not because I won’t marry again. Instead I think it is no big deal so no reflection needed.

S: Your ex-hubby once commented before your divorce that if one day your marriage ended, the third wheel must be a woman. (I: Oh?) Why he said that?
I: I don’t know what made him think that. (S: Actually is there any woman wooing you?)…..Of course yes! Both men and women; it’s never stopped. But I’m a loyal person and I only date one person at one time. (S: will you accept women then?) hmm…I will tell you secretly, haha.

Filming brings out inspiration

In Feb. 1999, Idy was reported to have secretly married Louis Castro. But when she interviewed by Louis C. in a radio programme, she disclosed she was in a 5-year relationship and this led those paparazzi to dog her in order to find out who was the guy. But finally they spotted out the “he” was famous female director – Maisy Choi. It’s said that their relationship lasted for 11 years and they broke up 2 years ago.

S: If you didn’t reveal it in the radio interview in the first place then no paparazzi would chase after you. Did you regret it?
I: I wanted to help Louis out at that time because rumors said that we were together. He’s my good friend and we talk about everything. Until now we are still very good friend. (S: But it brought you trouble instead.) Hmm, let me tell you in private, haha.

S: After ending up in a few relationships, have you lost confidence in men?
I: It has nothing to do with men. In fact it’s the nature of human being. It is the problem of human relationship. General speaking, don’t try to make anything if these things (relationship) don’t happen and then nothing will come to bother you.

S: Will you act again?
I: I will but I have some rule. I don’t mind if my role is a good person or a villain but it can’t be evil. I hope it could inspire the audience and not just a good laugh. (S: will you resist love scenes?) No, I don’t. But no kiss & no body-touch. (S: haha, no intimacy.) I’m okay with holding hands but I really can’t accept kisses. I think the farther to go in TV is just kiss scenes.

2007.08.24 Idy Chan guest hosts ATV’s “HK Best 10 Scenics”

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No new details except that Idy’s name mentioned in the following news sources: Oriental Daily /The Sun. Read Aug 16, ’07 News if you’re lost.

However, according to “HK Best 10 Scenics” homepage, Idy’s exploration to Ng Tung Chai is the 2nd episode of the series, and will be aired this Sunday August 26, 2007 on ATV. For HK resident fans, please tune in for this episode, in which Idy co-hosts along with Albert Au [who played the tutor Chun who fell in love with his female pupil, played by Cheung Tak-Lan, in ROCH1983]

PS. I bet many HK locals tuned in Stephen Chan’s Be My Guest in which Idy Chan was the guest aired on Aug 11, 2007 [read July 28, Aug 09, & Aug 12 news @ CYLO] The Sun’s E+ (dated Aug 21, 2007) featured an article in which the author (*) praised Idy’s courteousness and elegance when answering Stephen’s sensitive questions with catchy phrase 私底下告訴你 Tell you in secret.

(*) The author appears to be a very popular freelance writer/reporter/columnist/blogger in Hong Kong media. Click here for his official website.