In a recent appearance on a Taiwanese TV program “KangXi Come”, Andy Lau once again reminisces the actresses whom he has worked with before, he indicated Idy Chan gives him the most unforgettable impression, Anita Mui was the most brotherly, Rosamund Kwan is the most beautiful, while Maggie Cheung is the most sexy. Watch @ Youtube.

News sources: Oriental Daily / The Sun

[Revisiting Be My Guest segment in which Idy talked about Andy with transcript in English translation @ andylaunews]

Another feature in today’s Oriental Daily recollects the classical roles of HK television. From Yeung Gor’s deep affection, Kwok Jing’s genuine honesty, Hui Man-Keung’s dashing gentleman… and by no means, these roles aren’t fading as the years go by with exception that each generation of actors develop the role’s originality. TV plays often root deep into the audience hearts. Yeung Gor Andy Lau and Siu Lung Lui [Little Dragon Girl] Idy Chan in ROCH are absolutely one of the most successful on-screen pair of lovers in [HK television] history. Yeung Gor’s young blood and rebellion along with Siu Lung Lui’s outer coolness yet warm hearted, Andy and Idy’s performance made them as the most original pair.