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[CRHK] 2007.10.04 陳玉蓮復出 劉松仁力追? [Must have paid subscription to CRHK online in order to listen to interview! Sad!]

Yesterday Idy Chan Yuk-Lin accepted telephone interview by Cha Siu Yan (Eileen Lai) of CRHK. Idy revealed that Damian Lau Chung Yan is very caring & even nervous in this cooperation with her in “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, that Damian arranged everything for Idy from attires to hairstyling. “Damian & producer put a lot of thoughts into costume fitting, Damian wanted me to have a beautiful image, especially with my hairstyle, even spending hours with me on picking the right wig, he totally put his heart & mind into everything, that I tried on 4 different wigs. Until they satisfied with the image & the hairstyle must retain a little mysterious”. (Damian treats you with so much care, does he want to pursue you?) Idy said “I don’t want to discuss this matter, we’re very close, no need to talk about it.” (What if he pursues you, will you consider giving him a chance?) “Can’t answer hypothetical questions!” Idy disclosed that Damian is very anxious about his character, he even spent 2 months preparing for the role. Earlier Idy went to Hunan for a function [Strictly Come Dancing], but also wanted to see any opportunities to develop there.

[I’m really looking forward to see the chemistry between Idy & Damian on screen. I feel that Damian not only treats Idy as a good, good friend, but also as his younger sister, same for Simon Yam towards her.]

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Idy Chan Yuk Lin, Damian Lau Chung Yan, Joe Ma Tak Chung, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan Man Chee, & others attended “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” costume fitting function. This is the first TV series for Idy’s comeback to the circle, and to welcome her, Damian specially gave Idy a thermos so she can use for tea breaks during the shooting, others joined along by setting a folding chair for her to sit at break times. Seeing everyone’s so caring, Idy was very touched.

Idy revealed that this time working for TVB all because of her connection with Chung Gor [Damian]. Last year, Damian & other “歲月風雲 The Drive of Live” cast & crew went to Vancouver for shooting, they encountered Idy during a tea break at the restaurant. Everyone started soliciting support Idy to resurface, she then told them that she’ll consider it. When TVB informed that Idy’s considering to make a comeback, they have different managers & producers to contact her. Hasn’t acted for so long now, worry any unfamiliarity? Idy said “I most worry about having NGs or outtakes, because the other day I was acting guest role in Ann Hui On-Wah‘s production on two filming locations & because of walking positions & dialogs weren’t right causing several NG takes.” Idy hopes others will go easy on her for this series. “I’m mentally well prepared, therefore I hope to act my role calmly, thanks to everyone, hope everyone is somewhat harmonious, forgive me when I have NGs.” (Can ask for a certain time for break everyday?) (Reported that Anita Yuen Wing Yee [Mrs. Julian Cheung Chilam] has requested a certain break time everyday since she’s going to play in another new TVB series) “No, but everyone has clearly understood what need to be done.” Idy will be playing a married woman with a young child, but there’s no intimacy. There’s three that Idy doesn’t want to play: sex appealing, kissing, and love talks.

TVB City is just like Department of Defense! Threading her steps into TVB City, Idy joked that it feels like going to Department of Defense. She said “TVB City is just like DOD, because of so many customs, just like this morning, because I hadn’t signed the official contract, the staff wouldn’t let met to put on make-up. Until I fulfill signed the agreement, they let me put on make-up”.

Damian serves as “Ah Sai” [probably a Cantonese slang for servant or maid/helper] Damian said TVB entrusted him to treat Idy well & would make her feel like home again, he ensured Idy that he’ll be pouring water & serving tea for her during filming. Damian said that he’s making this series because of the courtesy calls between Idy & him. Idy modestly said “Chung Gor favors me! Chung Gor & Mr. Ma [Joe Ma] will be leading…”. Joe’s face got blushed & he appeared awkward. Damian will be a thief robbing the rich & helping the poor and he has to keep fit to play this role with Idy. Idy said “I haven’t been keeping fit, but I know when start filming will become thinner”.

[Also see translation @ JayneStars][It’s very nice to see everyone welcomes Idy so heartily. It’s totally awesome to know that director Ann Hui offered Idy to guest star in her new projects. If you have time, revisiting the article on MingPaoWeekly dated Apr 14, ’07 @ CYLO. I guess Idy lately has expressed that filming is tiring & she’s so used to be “spoiled”, and hadn’t worked in wee hours for years, with the thermos gift & folding chair treatment, I hope she’ll enjoy filming this series]

[] Damian Lau Chung Yan attends “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” costume fitting function today & indicates that he agrees to make this series all because of Idy Chan Yuk Lin. Earlier Damian said that he wanted to take a break, but can cooperate with a good person in a good movie is recommended. He said “I met her in Canada, I had a mouth full to convince her to come back. I haven’t officially worked with her before, it’s because of her I agreed to make this play, also because there’s lack of good strong actresses in the circle now, so I have to keep fit, all because of her”.

Idy Chan doesn’t want intimacy on screens. Long time absence from the circle, Idy resurfaces to act in “盜亦有道“, she said “I’m part of this series all because of Chung Gor (Damian Lau), he & I worked together on “風雲 This Land Is Mine” before, when I just freshly graduated from training class. (Do you feel extremely flattered?) I haven’t yet feeling calm. But many thanks to him. (Have you requested sleep time?”) Supposedly no, we all have mutual agreements, I think I can deal with it (What kind of plays you wouldn’t act?) Sex appealing, kissing, love dialogs, though holding hands would be no problems, this role I play is my husband doesn’t want me, so there’s no intimacy!”

[Damian looks very good at his age. No photos of Idy yet. It’s very nice that Damian delays taking his break to be part of this new series all because he’s the one who convinced Idy to come back & make this series. I guess Idy didn’t realize that she still has so many friends in the circle, who still care for her huh? Ah, just realized that it’s Mr. Andy Lau Tak-Wah’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Andy! Blah!]

2007.09.24 A little related news on Idy Chan’s new TVB series

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[The Sun] Fala Chen as Joe Ma Tak-Chung‘s wife! Fala Chen tends to have rumors working with male co-stars, has given a nickname “a trouble thing”! After being informed to work with Idy Chan Yuk-Lin, Damian Lau Chung-Yan, & Joe Ma in a new serial “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, besides as a working woman, Fala will be playing Joe’s wife! Although the filming hasn’t yet started, a number of crew and staff are afraid that of the pair Fala & Joe will easily create more rumors! Possible that rumors can’t be avoided for every filming!

[Argh, only Idy’s name got mentioned. I hope the media will cover the filming process of this series, esp. on Idy’s & Damian’s characters]

Fala Chen is very much anticipated about her upcoming TVB series working with Idy Chan, Damian Lau, & Joe Ma starting next month. “I’m very anticipated to collaborate with Idy Chan, in the play she & I will have many scenes together, her portrayal of SLL really deep roots people’s heart”. Joe Ma, “the scandalous king” which the media call him. Fala Chen doesn’t believe that working with Joe will cause any negative rumors between them.

News sources: Mingpao: OLWeekly / Oriental Daily / The Sun / Sing Pao / SingTao

[I know almost nothing about Fala Chen, she’s in the news a lot, & she often appears very appealing. I too don’t know much about Joe Ma, but there’s so much negative tabloid news about him. He’s married with kid & seems to be a nice, family man, who happens to be better looking. I guess people tend to perceive that handsome guys are unfaithful & flirtatious? I know that there won’t be any speculations about Idy & other co-stars in this series, but then again, others always reference her as SLL & that, perhaps, annoys her. ]

[Translated by] It has been 14 years since Idy Chan Yuk Lin last filmed a television series. Apparently, due to TVB’s persuasion, Idy will be returning to the small screen once again!

Idy will be filming a series with Damian Lau Chung Yan, Joe Ma Tak Chung, and Fala Chen. Entitled, “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, the series will film in October.

Idy commented, “Both TVB and ATV have been actively recruiting me to film for them. The details are not finalized yet! I will be leaving Hong Kong shortly. It really depends on how the schedule works out!”

However, TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling said, “We’ve very happy that Idy agreed to film for us!” (Did TVB offer Idy a hefty fee?) “No, Idy was unconcerned about the money. The more important thing was the schedule.”

Joe Ma was excited in the opportunity to work with Idy. “I have always admired Idy and love watching her onscreen. She has always been my idol!”

Producer Chong Wai Kin revealed that Idy’s character will be a divorcee who falls in love with thief, Damian.

News sources: Oriental Daily / The Sun

[I’m SO looking forward to this. I’ll continue to follow any future Idy’s news obsessively! HAHA! I’m neutral towards Damian, but I guess he’s one of the few veterans at TVB & matchable with Idy. Eye candy Joe Ma is a GREAT bonus. I yet haven’t seen any Fala Chen’s works, but I hope her character will be likable. I’m TOTALLY biased]

An opinion column on Idy in Mingpao US West SF – Supplement dated Aug 21, 2007. [I don’t want to withhold any news pieces of Idy that I know of]