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July 17, 2014 at 10:56

Special Thanks to [ALS] CYLBar

After month-long away for a much disappointing 2014 FIFA World Cup, this video brightens me up. This is the longer/full version of the rare clip posted over a year ago. Can’t get any cuter or more precious than these two beautiful persons ♥


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    July 18th, 2014 at 11:25 AM

    narrator: ’83 was a year of good dramas with audiences following drama one after another. With Idy Chan as Goo goo and Andy Lau as Gwor Yi, this drama is filled with romance, wuxia and lots of emotions, it grips the audience’s emotions to be filled with tears.

    Idy: I very rarely read wuxia novels because I do not like to. However to film this drama, I asked to borrow a copy of ROCH which was from Andy Lau

    Andy: Stole! Stole! (She) stole gah!

    Idy: What do you mean?

    Andy: you didn’t ask me!

    Idy: okay, well let me finish talking about your role. So then, first I looked at my role because Yeung Gwor and Siu Lung Lui’s relationship are very close together. So then Yeung Gwor’s role is a bit childish, does weird things, rebellious which is very close to Andy’s real personality.

    Andy: So precise.

    Idy: well we collaborated for four months already. There was on time there were a lot of props laid out for filming and one of them was something like an ancient valuable. So Andy Lau was like: “Ha, I wonder if this prop would break if it is dropped?” And then before even finishing his sentence-

    Andy: la la… let me say something. Props should not be broken because it is a prop wor!

    Idy: let me finish. I’m analyzing your role.
    Andy: Okay okay
    Idy: So he threw it to the ground and goes “Aiyah,it really broke!” But Andy no matter what he does, he has great relationship with everyone at work. Therefore every colleague regardless of ranking really likes him. Therefore his personality and Yeung Gor’s is very good match. Therefore picking him for the role was a good choice.

    Andy: Well good choice in casting isn’t just me. I feel good or not, isnt up to me. But audience, whether or not they feel Siu Lung Lui matches Idy or Idy matches Siu Lung Lui is well known! I don’t have to say it la! I want to say something about this

    Idy: What is this?

    Andy: Sword! This sword makes me recall a lot of stuff. So…Idy Chan, I don’t remember anything. I only remember her expressions when she’s (filming) fighting (scenes). Her expressions, my entire life I will not forget!

    Idy: Hey you’re revealing flaws here

    Andy: No, not flaws. Its a strength! So at the beginning, her dialogue scenes are acted extremely well, causing me –

    Idy: Thank you
    Andy: Do not need to thank me. Thank him (points afar) and then…I thought she very much matched SLL. Just like how you find me and YG match. However, when you fight (laugh) you and SLL are extremely not matched. So first time, when holding the sword ..even holding it was wrong! I can’t even replicate. It was just really incorrect. Then afterwards as she learned, she improved. Eventually after fighting and injuring one, injuring two and three . By the fourth one she fought very well! Now at the end when we film, she has a stuntsman who mainly stands in for SLL. Now she fights so well, she and the stuntsman are like the exact same person. Cannot even differentiate at all!

    Idy: Even the voice sounds the same right?

    Andy: No the voice isnt similar
    Idy: Because its a man!
    Andys: Yours (voice) is thicker /lower!
    Idy: Haha

    [End – to scene in ROCH]

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    July 23rd, 2014 at 6:24 AM

    Idy was so cute in this video clips. She looked happy and both of Andy and Idy were adorable each other. They were PERFECT!

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    August 18th, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    thank you for video and english translation 🙂

    gift for my birthday this month when RTCHOH 1983 will be available again on wednesday

    can’t wait to see even just for another day 🙂

    can’t wait to record dubbed version of it for my own collection 🙂