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More than 300 entertainers from China mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan participated in “Artistes 414 Fund Raising Campaign“, an event benefiting the Yushu (Qinghai) earthquake victims held at Hong Kong Coliseum on the evening of April 26th. Many stars from one of the most popular TVB shows, “Enjoy Yourself Tonight”, joined the stage together, including Adam Cheng, Sandra Ng, Dang Ying-Man, Ha Yu, Margie Tsang, there’s also Lee Hong Kum, Nat Chan, Idy Chan, Wu Fung, etc. The telethon was broadcast without commercials by major TV networks such as PhoenixTV, TVB, aTV and CableTV. A total of HK$35.06 million was raised.

Watch the campaign’s official MV with theme song “手連心 Heart to Heart”, a Mandarin rendition of the popular Cantonese “憑著愛 Lean On Love”.
Watch all artistes at the telethon performing “Heart to Heart” and call on public to pledge. [Be sure to watch closely so you won’t miss a glimpse of Idy in the sea of artistes!]

Watch performance by EYT team, including Idy.

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陳玉蓮內地做義工馬不停蹄 (娛樂) 2010-04-20 (17:10)

Steven Ma invited his idol, Idy Chan, as guest on a TVB variety show “Apprentice Chef”, which he also hosts.
[by R.E.D] Idy Chan appeared in Steven Ma’s “Apprentice Chef” as a special guest the other day. Steven disclosed that his heart beat became faster and he almost fainted when he saw her. Steven revealed that when he was small, he loved to watch “Condor Heroes”. Idy’s role as “auntie” (姑姑) still made an impact in his heart. He used to dressed up as “Yang Guo” (楊過). A few years ago, he met Idy through a friend. When he saw her, he couldn’t breathe, his heart beat increased and he almost fainted.

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