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陳玉蓮內地做義工馬不停蹄 (娛樂) 2010-04-20 (17:10)

Steven Ma invited his idol, Idy Chan, as guest on a TVB variety show “Apprentice Chef”, which he also hosts.
[by R.E.D] Idy Chan appeared in Steven Ma’s “Apprentice Chef” as a special guest the other day. Steven disclosed that his heart beat became faster and he almost fainted when he saw her. Steven revealed that when he was small, he loved to watch “Condor Heroes”. Idy’s role as “auntie” (姑姑) still made an impact in his heart. He used to dressed up as “Yang Guo” (楊過). A few years ago, he met Idy through a friend. When he saw her, he couldn’t breathe, his heart beat increased and he almost fainted.