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【19:34】2009年07月05日 【on.cc專訊】 陳玉蓮出席好友肥媽的家庭用品店「肥媽店」開張活動,透露希望復出拍攝古裝動作片,因古裝動作片的世界中,鏡頭下拍攝得很優美,故希望所有動作電影的導演可以找她演出。問到會否希望與周潤發合作,她說對方希望的話自己也希望。

Idy Chan, 草蜢 Grasshopper trio, Wong Ka Keung, Chan Chi Keung, Soler brothers, EO2, and etc. come to show support for their friend Maria Cordero, who just opens a household goods store in Tseung Kwan O, and plans to expand up to 20 stores in next 3 to 5 months. Idy and Maria have known each other for many years, asked if she has any interest in doing business? She said there’s restaurant business in Shanghai, and already have many locations, and mostly managed by family members. She used to go Shanghai and helped out too, but in recent years, she’s been practicing self-cultivation. She’s responsible for the designs and uniforms for employees. She said there’s an offer for her to do a costume drama, but she had to return to Canada. And lately many mainland productions have roles for her. Asking on if she’s asking for high fees? Idy said, “No, now acting for me is not about money.” She wishes to make an action costume drama, not afraid of hard work, and hopes that action actors and directors will appreciate her skills.

Asked if she has ever thought of working with Chow Yun Fat, she said “We never actually worked together at all. If he wishes to cooperate, then I could also wish the same”.

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【16:21】2009年07月01日 【 專訊】 陳玉蓮出席動畫慈善首映,她表示未認識官恩娜前,對方給她的感覺是一名Sexy Lady,但認識過後卻覺得她是個男仔頭、很傻氣!陳玉蓮又指無綫曾向她招手,邀她回巢拍劇,更指劇本是為她度身訂造,可惜礙於工作撞期而未有接下,她笑 言日後若有時間而劇本又合適的話,一定會接拍。


Idy Chan along many others attended the charity premiere of new animation “Ice Age 3D”, she almost didn’t recognize Ella Koon, who appeared very appealing and would fit the name “sexy lady”. Idy felt awkward having a bob cut like men’s haircut. Idy shared that TVB has contacted her and it’s possible she’d return for a drama. The script especially made to for her role, unfortunately, there’s conflicts in schedule. But she still hopes if there’s a play with good script in the future, she’d be happy to accept.

Ella Koon did the voice dubbing for one of the characters in “Ice Age 3”, and asked if she invited friends for the premiere, she said she invited Idy Chan, they were in the same game show [related], and now they’ve become closer, many of her friends admired Idy a lot when she shared a photo taken with Idy with them online. Back to Idy, seeing how much people welcome her back to the circle, she joked “Most important is to keep yourself looking good, but youth is beauty, but now I’m old, have to accept it. (Will you get Botox treatment?) No, I refer natural, and don’t use much make up nor have any special diet.” (Are you afraid of aging?) Everyone is afraid, so I wouldn’t have Botox, just let it natural.”

【16:16】2009年07月01日 【 專訊】 官恩娜(Ella)出席有份配音的動畫首映時,笑言因要扮多種聲線的關係,故完成工作後聲音變沙啞。問到可有邀請朋友撐場?Ella即笑言請了陳玉蓮捧 場,並解釋因早前雙雙出席遊戲節目而變得熟落。此外,Ella笑言因舊同學都是陳玉蓮的Fans,故早前在交友網上載一張跟陳玉蓮的合照時,朋友們都大為 羨慕。