Idy Chan @ CableTV “Maria’s Kitchen”

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【18:13】2009年06月13日 【on.cc專訊】 陳玉蓮接受《肥媽私房菜》訪問,肥媽問她的人生觀如此脫俗,是否與當年周潤發的一段情有關,她沉默了良久後說:「如果有人在我生命上對我有威脅,我會作出抉擇,離開佢。」她又指當年當有記者問到發哥的戀情,她都會即時收口,因不想自己受到傷害。

Maria Cordero‘s show “Maria’s Kitchen” has a new segment called “Meeting with the Star”, and the star for the first episode is Idy Chan. Maria asked that Idy’s current lifestyle has changed significantly and if it has to do with her relationship with Chow Yun Fat during their dating? Idy gave a long silent and finally said “If there’s someone was a threat to my life, I’d decide to leave them”. She also explained that back in those years, if reporters asked about her relationship with Chow, she’d just shut up because didn’t want to hurt herself.

On her failed marriage with Peter Chan Siu-Moo, Idy explained “Actually, right after the very first year of the marriage, I already realized that there’s no way I can be with him the rest of my life. But I tried and gave my best, eventually it lasted for 10 years.” She also mentioned that there’s several years she was living in seclusion and didn’t allow her siblings to tell her father where she was. That her father once thought she was dead, now she’s feeling guilty to make her elderly father worry.