Tungstar / SINA / TOM / 【on.cc專訊】陳玉蓮暫未計劃再拍劇 【16:42】2007年12月18日 陳玉蓮出席宗教活動,她坦言沒有任何宗教信仰,但因時常做義工,要跟不同的宗教人士溝通,所以對每個宗教都略有認識。最近才拍畢無綫新劇的蓮妹,目前沒有洽談新劇,也沒有拍新劇的計劃。
Caption: 由於陳玉蓮經常做義工,令外界誤會她有宗教信仰。 Due to being active in charity work, Idy’s often misunderstood that she’s religious.

Idy Chan attended a religious function in Shatin, though she doesn’t really show a great belief in any religions, just because she’s often doing charity work, and has to link up with different religious groups, therefore she has the basic understanding of almost every religion. Idy has finished filming a TVB series, however, there’s no talk for any project and she herself doesn’t have any plans for filming a new series. Because of loosing her voice during the filming of “Catch Me Now 盜亦有道” she still needs to do voice dubbing for her part.