2007.12.05 Damian Lau regards Idy Chan as saint

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[AppleDaily@ActioNews] No holding hands no kisses [Translated by Kit]
Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 returned filming for TVB series “Catch Me Now 盜亦有道” after the 14-year absence on screen. Before filming she set rule of no sexy, no kiss and no love scenes for her. It has been almost 2 months past and the shooting is going to end. During the period and along the story develops, Damian Lau 劉松仁 and the director tried to make Idy break the rule but they didn’t get succeeded. In the end Damian can’t help but praised Idy as saint.

Idy Chan & Fala Chen 陳法拉 were shooting in Wu Kai Sha the other day. The plot was about these two good friends walking and chatting on the beach. It seemed they get along very well and they finished those 10 plus scenes in one shot. Behind the camera they studied the scripts together and filled the air with laughter.

Idy thinks 20 episodes are way too short and she didn’t feel tired from shooting all these times. But a pity that when she got herself fully into the work, it is going to end soon. However, she said she has not considered filming for another series or not.

Talking about the collaboration with Damian, Idy said she’d thought Damian as a serious guy but now she totally changed her views. She said, “I remember we had a dating scene to film and before the shooting Damian asked me if he could hold my hand. I smiled at him and then told him that it doesn’t necessary to hold hands during dating. Once the scene was done, he came to me and said, ‘It was already no holding hands on screen but can I hold your hand behind the scene just once?’ Then he laughed and walked off.”

And there was this wedding scene which the director and all the crew requested Idy to accept the kissing scene. But she said since she is playing a ‘silly woman’ so she can just pretend a bit shy and push Damian away, when he leans in for a kiss.” Finally the director agreed with her and said, “you won.” Damian also praised her a saint.

When asked her impression of Fala, Idy praises her as a smart and quick-learning girl. She memorizes the scripts very fast. On the other side, Fala said she did feel pressure when working with Idy in the first day but Idy taught me a lot how to speak the lines. “I’ve learnt a lot from her and Damian but it’s a pity that the filming is nearly finished.”

While mentioning Fala it made Idy think of Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣, she said, “I was dining in TVB canteen and suddenly Linda approached me. She told me she’s a fans of mine and asked if she could have lunch with me. She told me she couldn’t read Chinese so she sees them as pictures and it helps her memorize them fast.”

Idy has been returned to the showbiz over 2 months. People like crew workers or passers-by always requested taking photo with her which she never says no. She smiled, “Earlier in the costume function, the crew had discussed how to address me since they thought it is not respectful to call me Lin Mui. Actually I won’t mind that. Finally they came up with 3 titles – Lin Mui Jei Jei 蓮妹姐姐, Lin Jei Jei 蓮姐姐 and Gu Gu 姑姑. They just want to make it sound more warm.”