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2011.09.29 See “unofficial” updates at Wikipedia (Chinese) on cast and roles.

Sources: MingPao / MingPaoNY /
Chong Wai Kin‘s new 40-episode “Prominent Family” (tentative title) will start filming, Damian Lau along with Idy Chan, and Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, and Tavia Yeung, the aim is to create a new version of “Yesterday’s Glitter”.

圖: 陳玉蓮將與劉松仁再合作拍《名媛望族》 Caption: Idy Chan and Damian Lau will collaborate again.
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SouthCN / Director Chong clarified: “Prominent Family” will have nothing like “Yesterday’s Glitter”, it centered 1930s Chinese high society. Damian will portray the First Chinese advocate, Idy will play princess of previous Qing dynasty and their love story. Ron and Fala play triad member and troubled girl, and there’s also a big overturn of the regime.”

[Hm… perhaps the love story of Damian’s and Idy’s will be flashback scenes, and the main focus is actually their current situation with the expanded well-off family]